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Matchless G12 CSR 1962

The matchy was bought as a dismantled bike in 2000 and re-built. The engine was rebuilt with a re-ground crankshaft, centre main and big end journals. Con rods were re-sized with new bolts and nuts. New centre web nuts were fitted. New roller main bearings were fitted, and the oil pumps re-built. Barrels were re-bored and new pistons installed. The heads were shot blasted, guides, valves and springs replaced, and 3/8″ studs fitted.

The gearbox was stripped down and inspected, gears were all OK. New bearing were fitted, and it was re-assembled with a 19 tooth sprocket and new final drive chain. The magneto was overhauled by Peter Scott. The bike was converted to 12 volt electrics. The clutch was fitted with new clutch plates and a new primary chain was fitted.

The frame was shot blasted, painted and new swinging arm and head stock bearings fitted. The front forks were re-built with new bearings and stanchions. New replica rear shock absorbers were fitted. New brake shoes, front and back, were fitted. A 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust system was fitted. A new seat from the UK was fitted. The carburettor was fitted with a new slide and jets. All cables were replaced.

The bike runs well and is fun to ride. It gives a puff of smoke on starting, when not used for more than a month. It also leaks a little out the back of the primary chaincase. Otherwise there are no problems.

The bike has been on club plates since 2002 and has been used for rallies and club rides. Reason for sale – I just had 2 new knees fitted and find kick starting a problem.

Price: $9,000

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Bikes for Sale
Bikes for Sale