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Micro-Digital Ignition Kit, Commando (Boyer)

$349.00 In-Stock

The Boyer-Bransden micro-digital ignition kit is designed to work with standard coils. No more points to mess with!

This model is suitable for Norton Commando, 12 volt.

The micro-digital ignition provides almost total control over ignition functions. It offers electronic control of advance and retard functions. However, because the micro-digital features a built in computer the size of a postage stamp, it can make more than a million ignition decisions per second, to constantly monitor engine speed and time the spark precisely to suit. The programming of this micro processor also gives control over ignition coil energy, starting speed, tickover stabilisation and rev limits! These systems are manufactured using the finest semi-conductors and are fully encapsulated to protect against moisture intrusion. All units are guaranteed for five years.

The micro-digital ignition system is designed to use the original coils where possible – the time these coils are switched during the ignition cycle is programmed into the microchip. With older machines, the coils have a high primary resistance and require a long switch on time. If the coils are replaced, it is important that coils of a similar resistance are used.

Ignition timing is controlled – in bands of 50 rpm over the entire speed range. This gives the ability to program any firing angle required. To help engine power at idle, the timing can be advanced, on and below the idle speed. This stabilises and reduces the chance of stalling. From idle, the advance can be sharper than provided by the previous Mk3 system, giving even better throttle response. The Boyer micro-digital system makes the best possible use of standard coils.