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Wheel Rim WM2x19 8″ Full Width Front, S/Steel, Triumph/BSA (Devon)

$387.00 In-Stock

Dunlop/Jones style rolled edge Devon Rolltru Premium Stainless wheel rim. Suitable for front or rear.

Rim size: WM2 (1.85″) x 19″ x 40 hole
Dimple pattern: 2×2 .300 nipple holes
Finish: Mirror stainless steel

For models with front 8″ full width drum SLS and TLS cast hubs, including:
BSA A10, A50, A70, B25
Triumph 5T, 6T, TR6, T100, T120, T150

100% made in England by Devon Rim Company.

This rim is manufactured from high grade 304 2b, quality controlled, certificated stainless steel, and pierced to OEM specifications.  It is individually hand welded, formed and polished to mirror finish that looks as good as chrome, but without the rust. Most people cannot tell the difference!

371230, 425810, 425866, 024249