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Wheel Rim, WM2x19 Stainless Steel, Full Width 8″ Drum, Triumph BSA (CWC)

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Stainless steel front and rear wheel rim, a replica of the original OEM, Dunlop and Jones.

CWC stainless steel rims are highly polished with a brilliant shine. They are virtually indistinguishable from chrome and provide a “no rust” solution when re-building your wheels. They are extremely durable and long lasting, and will polish up like new for years to come.

Hub Type: Full width 
Rim Size:  WM2 x 19 x 40  holes

BSA B31, B33, A7, A10 (front and rear)
BSA A65, A75 (front only)
Triumph 5T, 6T Pre Unit (front only)
Triumph Unit T100, T120 and T150 (front only)
AJS Matchless singles and twins (rear only)

371230SS, 37-1230, 024249, 02-4249, 42-5810, 42-5866, W1230