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1971 Norton Commando Contacts, Timing Cover, Oil Pump, Relief Valve
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Timing Cover0610731With safe anti-drain valve.
2Timing Cover Gasket0610921Thick type, 0.5mm thick.
3Timing Cover Screw, Long06110211/4" Whitworth x 1-1/4". Sold as part of screw set - much cheaper.
4Timing Cover Screw, Medium06110471/4" Whitworth x 1". Sold as part of screw set - much cheaper.
5Timing Cover Screw, Short06110341/4" Whitworth x 3/4". Sold as part of screw set - much cheaper.
-Timing Cover Screw Set0673071Set of 12 slotted screws - 1 long, 7 medium and 4 short.
6Timing Cover Oilway Blanking Plug0676001Internal.
7Contact Breaker Plate Assembly (Lucas)0681101Complete with points, 10CA.
-Ignition Kit (Boyer)00053K1Boyer Bransden, 12 volt, designed to work with standard coils.
-Micro-Digital Ignition Kit (Boyer)00084K1Boyer Bransden, 12 volt, designed to work with standard coils.
-Ignition Box (Boyer)00017BARBoyer Bransden replacement 12 volt ignition box.
8Contact Points Set (Lucas)544198272
9Contact Breaker Eccentric Screw9907692
10Auto Advance Mechanism068047N1We recommend you install a Boyer Bransden electronic ignition system.
11Auto Advance Spring Set0680461
12Contact Breaker Cam Bolt0607201Centre, 1/4" BSF.
13Contact Breaker Cam Washer60232011/4" small OD.
14Contact Breaker Cam Washer60241711/4" spring washer.
15Contact Breaker Mounting Screw0612812
16Contact Breaker Fixing Screw Washer02998423/16" small OD flat.
17Contact Breaker Seal0610931
18Contact Breaker Oil Seal063609112V coil ignition.
19Contact Breaker Cover0610871
20Contact Breaker Cover Screw06110522BA x 1/2" long slotted.
21Crankshaft Timing Side Oil Seal0480231In timing cover, original metal cased.
-Oil Seal Kit048023KAR
22Crankshaft Timing Side Oil Seal Circlip0480791In timing cover.
23Oil Pump, Complete0661931High capacity.
24Oil Pump Cover Screw0676484
25Oil Pump Feed Bush0699111Conical seal holder.
26Oil Pump Feed Bush Shim0677842Do away with shims and substitute an oil pump to crankcase gasket 062447.
26AOil Pump Gasket0624471
27Oil Pump Drive Worm Gear0678901On oil pump, 6 start.
28Oil Pump Drive Worm Gear Key0626091Woodruff key, on drive gear.
29Oil Pump Drive Worm Gear Nut14130313/8" UNF Nyloc.
30Oil Pump Sealing Washer0675101Conical shape.
31Oil Pressure Relief Valve Body0661951
32Oil Pressure Relief Valve Piston0675401Shims fit in this.
33Oil Pressure Relief Valve Spring0675441
34Oil Pressure Relief Valve Shim0676465
35Oil Pressure Relief Union Washer0675421
36Oil Pressure Relief Valve Washer0675411Under main body, external type.
37Oil Pressure Relief Valve Cap0675431Domed.
38Rocker Oil Feed Pipe0655611Plastic type.
-Rocker Oil Feed Pipe Kit, SS065561KARBraided stainless steel, black coating, copper washers, SS banjos and bolts.
39Rocker Oil Feed Bolt06769635/16" BSF.
40Rocker Oil Feed Sealing Washer06752265/16".
-Allen Screw Kit, SS-ARStainless steel, UNC/BSF.