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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Carburettors
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Carburettors
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Carburettor, LH 32mm (Amal)932/3011Genuine Amal Premier.
1ACarburettor, RH 32mm (Amal)932/3001Genuine Amal Premier.
2Mixing Chamber, LH 32mmL932/01614 stroke, 32mm, left hand.
3Mixing Chamber, RH 32mmR932/00514 stroke, 32mm, right hand.
4Throttle Valve 3 (Amal)928/06032Number 3 cutaway.
4Throttle Valve 3.5 (Amal)928/060352Number 3.5 cutaway.
4Throttle Valve 3, Hard Anodised (Amal)928/0603HA2Number 3 cutaway, hard anodised.
4Throttle Valve 3.5, Hard Anodised (Amal)928/06035HA2Number 3.5 cutaway, hard anodised.
5Choke Valve (Amal)928/0622
6Choke Valve Guide Tube (Amal)928/1032
7Throttle Valve Spring (Amal)622/1312
8Air Valve Return Spring (Amal)622/1292
-Choke Kit (Amal)RKC/620ARContains choke valve, choke valve guide and choke valve spring.
9Needle Clip (Amal)622/0672
10Throttle Needle (Amal)928/1042Use with spray tube 928/107.
11Float Chamber Body (Amal)622/055S2Plug type.
12Float Needle (Amal)622/197AL2Aluminium, Viton tipped.
13Float (Amal)622/0692We recommend you buy the StayUp float and needle valve kit.
-StayUp Float & Needle Valve Kit (Amal)RKC/551ARContains StayUp float and float, chamber gasket and needle valve.
-Gasket & Washer Kit (Amal)622/208ARContains float chamber gasket, banjo washer, o-ring and float chamber washer.
-Carburettor Service Kit (Amal)622/238ARContains needle valve, gasket, filter, needle clip, o-ring, screws and washers.
14Float Pivot Spindle (Amal)622/0712
15Float Chamber Gasket (Amal)622/0732
16Float Chamber Drain Plug (Amal)622/1552
17Float Chamber Drain Plug Gasket (Amal)622/1512
18Pilot Adjuster Screw (Amal)622/0762
19O-Ring (Amal)622/08222.90 X 1.78 Nitrile.
20Throttle Adjuster Screw (Amal)622/0772
21Spray Tube (Amal)928/1072
22Jet Holder (Amal)622/1282
23Needle Jet 106 (Amal)622/122-1062Size 106.
23Needle Jet 107 (Amal)622/122-1072Size 107.
24Main Jet 250 (Amal)376/100-2502Size 250.
24Main Jet 260 (Amal)376/100-2602Size 260.
24Main Jet 270 (Amal)376/100-2702Size 270.
24Main Jet 280 (Amal)376/100-2802Size 280.
25Mixing Chamber Top (Amal)928/0642
26Cable Adjuster Screw (Amal)4/0354
27Cable Adjuster Locknut (Amal)5/0774
28Screw Assembly (Amal)622/0864Screw float chamber and carburettor top.
29Carburettor O-Ring (Amal)622/1012
30Waterproof Tickler Complete (Amal)622/172AR
31Banjo Retaining Bolt (Amal)622/0782
32Fuel Filter (Amal)376/0932
-Double Banjo, 180° (Amal)376/419AR180 degrees, metal, to suit 1/4" fuel pipe.
-Double Banjo, 55° (Amal)376/139AR150 degrees, metal, to suit 5/16" fuel pipe.
-Double Banjo, 150° (Amal)376/410AR55 degrees, metal, to suit 5/16" fuel pipe.