The History of Norton Motorcycles

15 March 2019 Norton Motorcycle

Norton isn’t just one of the most famous motorcycle companies – it’s also one of the most iconic and beloved brands in motorcycle history. Norton Motorcycles has been on the scene since 1898 when it was founded by James Lansdowne Norton. The company specialised in “fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade.” By 1902, their […]

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The Best Roads to Ride on Your Two Wheels in Australia

20 February 2019 Best roads

“Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest.” John Walters, a musician, and songwriter. We can all take something from that advice. Including all free-spirited motorbike riders out there. Indeed, at some point in our lives, we have to allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zones in order to fulfil our passions […]

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The Best Motorcycle Roads in NSW

17 January 2019 Motorcycle Roads

As outsiders see it, motorcycling is a solitary quest. For those in the motorcycle community, it’s a social activity bringing together passionate people who share a connection through their interest in winding through twisted roads, appreciating the journey, rather than focusing on the destination. Some people meditate to stay present or in the moment. Although […]

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19 Must-See Motorcycle Films

The thrill of riding a motorcycle is hard to imitate. However, when you’re not out riding or fixing up your motorcycle, you can vicariously live through others who are, in these films. Grab some popcorn and get comfortable, here are 19 must-see motorcycle films: 1. Mondo Enduro (2003) Mondo Enduro was a round-the-world adventure motorcycle […]

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Norton Commando Routine Maintenance Guide

This is an excerpt from a workshop manual providing information on Norton Commando 750 and 850 models. The manual provides necessary technical instructions to enable motorcycle enthusiasts and the like to carry out all routine maintenance, running repairs and full-scale, major refurbishments. The Norton Motorcycle Company started out producing single cylinder motorcycles, before moving onto […]

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Chain Care Part 2

This information was first published in 1961 by Renold Chains. It is still relevant for those restoring and riding old motorcycles today. If you haven’t yet read our blog Chain Care Part 1, click here. CHAIN AND CHAINWHEEL INSPECTION It is rare to find anything wrong with the alignment of the chainwheels (sprockets) on a […]

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Chain Care Part 1

This information was first published in 1961 by Renold Chains. It is still relevant for those restoring and riding old motorcycles today. INTRODUCTION The motorcycle is designed and built for efficient and reliable performance. To give of its best, however, it calls for some attention, and no enthusiastic owner will begrudge the small amount of […]

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