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The Best Motorcycle Roads in NSW

the best motocycle roads - Classic Bike Spares
17 January 2019 Motorcycle Roads

As outsiders see it, motorcycling is a solitary quest. For those in the motorcycle community, it’s a social activity bringing together passionate people who share a connection through their interest in winding through twisted roads, appreciating the journey, rather than focusing on the destination.

Some people meditate to stay present or in the moment. Although there’s nothing quite like a long winding road with luscious scenery to alleviate stress and allow you to be in the moment.

Whether you ride for the feeling of freedom, or want to be involved in social events, or you just appreciate a classic vintage motorbike and its mechanics- whatever the reason, there’s a whole community of people out there who have the same appreciation for motorcycles. You’ll probably meet some if you’re riding along these roads, which we’ve picked out as the best motorcycle roads in New South Wales.

Spread across the journey you’ll find cafés, pubs and rest stops filled with riders dressed in protective leather, a helmet in their arms and their motorbike within their view. Swapping stories of their journeys and appreciating the motorcycles that surround them.

Here’s our pick of the best motorcycle roads in New South Wales:

Note: As much as you may be enjoying the ride, remember to take regular breaks when riding. Stay alert, stay alive!

Oxley Highway

Wauchope to Bendemeer

212km 2hrs 30mins

One of the world’s best bike rides, beautifully surfaced and maintained, with sensational scenery. There’s an endless procession of tight and demanding corners that require a lot of concentration. Great stops include the bike-friendly Gingers Creek cafe and the welcoming Long Flat pub.

This road is quite popular for motorcyclist, so expect a lot of activity with other riders, of every level and experience.


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Some of the corners along this road are both steep and tight with poor forward vision that can test even the more experienced riders.

Kings Highway

Batemans Bay to Braidwood

60km 45mins


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Long, smooth stretches of lovely bush scenery give way to a steep climb up Clyde Mountain. Tightening reverse curves and hairpins over a 5km stretch can catch riders off-guard. Nelligen and Braidwood offer good refreshment options.

This road gets quite busy on weekends with Canberra’s residents heading towards the coast.


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As for corners, there’s a steep climb to the top of Clyde Mountain with a series of hairpins that can surprise unfamiliar riders, so remember that if you’re travelling on this road.

The ride has an abundance of nice scenery, with wonderful photo opportunities in various stretches of the ride, along the Clyde River. The small peaceful village of Nelligen and the historic town of Braidwood are some great spots to stop in at. There’s access to Monga National Park and the Deua River near the top of Clyde Mountain at Little Forest Road.


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Snowy Mountains

Khancoban to Kiandra

233km 3hrs 9mins

Up and down through the bush, this ride offers beautiful scenery, but it is difficult – be prepared for narrow, winding roads and potential rockfalls. Watch out for the kangaroos hopping along the roads of Kosciuszko National Park, and the dams make for a pleasant leg stretch.


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This road features single lane bridges and steep, narrow corners that should be approached with caution.

The road from Khancoban to Cabramurra is closed by snow during the colder months. Normally this will include the NSW June long weekend and it is usually opened on the NSW October long weekend. It may be closed at other times due to snow, ice and fallen timber so check alerts for Kosciuszko National Park before heading out. Outside of road closure times, watch out for black ice on the road which is often in the shadows.

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the beauty of Kosciuszko National Park by foot on this journey.

Bylong Valley Way

Ilford to Sandy Hollow

141km 1hrs 50mins

A good, sealed road that weaves its way from Ilford, through Kandros and Rylstone to the back country around Stormy Mountain and Bylong. Great scenery – but watch out for the narrow roads and then number of blind crests. Good burgers are available at Sandy Hollow Service Station.

Things to consider:

Unmarked Road

It’s quite narrow, and mostly unmarked, even on the wider sections that go up through the escarpment.


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Watch for loose gravel wherever there has been fresh roadwork, and particularly on the bends going up the escarpment.

Blind Crest

Especially in the sections along the bottom of the valley. Make sure you plan your position and buffer from possible oncoming traffic, as the roads can be narrow.

Macquarie Pass

Albion Park to Robertson

22km 25mins

Macquarie Pass is a well-surfaced, but steep and challenging 7km section of road with winding rural sections on either side. Narrow, tight curves and heavy vegetation means poor forward vision through the Pass. It finishes right by the Robertson Pie Shop.

Notes about the ride: Macquarie Pass is used by trucks up to 19m in length and sight distance is limited by narrow, tight curves with heavy vegetation. Overtaking is illegal in all but one short uphill section. Two extreme hairpin bends near the top also require caution.

Riders can bushwalk from carparks at the base of the Pass or Clover Hill Road to access spectacular waterfalls within Macquarie Pass National Park.


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Kangaroo Valley

Fitzroy Falls to Bomaderry / Berry

53km 50mins

Long, undulating straights take you to the town of Bomaderry. You can also visit the nearby town of Berry via the Princes Highway.

This one’s a very popular road with both motorcyclists and drivers so the traffic can get pretty heavy during peak hours. There two sections of narrow, winding road (Cambewarra Mountain and Barrengarry Mountain) which feature hairpins and reverse curves with steep grades.


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Great North Road

Calga to Cessnock

100km 1hrs 35mins

Winding from Sydney to the Hunter, this scenic ride is well-known for its difficult corners and potentially hazardous old timber bridge just north of Wollombi. Even experienced riders need to take extra care. Great places to stop include Laguna and historic Wollombi.

Putty Road

Broke to Windsor

160km 2hrs 30mins

From the outskirts of Sydney to the Hunter Valley, Putty Road is a great ride, featuring every type of corner, as well as some long, scenic straights. Be aware that a lot of trucks use this road – and don’t miss the Grey Gum Cafe.


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Putty Road is popular with trucks and because it’s narrow, there is a risk of them encroaching on your side of the road, especially on corners. Be cautious of this when riding.

Old Pacific Highway

Hornsby to Gosford

54km 45mins

A short – but sweet – ride through national park, full of slices of history and the ever-popular Pie in the Sky café. Older, more unpredictable corners up to Mount White are to be treated with caution, even for experienced riders. Look out for the many push bikes that use this road, often four abreast!


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Bells Line of Road

Richmond to Lithgow

80km 1hrs 15mins

Hugging the northern edge of the Grose Valley, this spectacular ride along the sandstone plateau is punctuated by gullies, spurs, corners. Watch out for the tricky hairpins of Bellbird Hill. Good stops include Mt. Wilson township and Bilpin.

Even though it’s all up on a great sandstone plateau, it’s by no means flat. The spurs and gullies that punctuate the road should be treated with respect. It now has a mostly 80 kph limit – pity!


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Thunderbolts Way

Gloucester to Walcha

146km 1hrs 50mins


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A majestic road for a motorcycle ride with stunning scenery. It’s mainly long, open road with some areas that are awaiting upgrading, so should be treated with care. There’s just one fuel pump and a general store in Nowendoc on the way.


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Carson’s Lookout offers ample parking and spectacular views of the Great Dividing Range, plus there’s the Manning Valley and the Bernard River to enjoy.

Brown Mountain

Monaro Highway to Princes Highway

89km 1hrs 10mins

A challenging road with well-documented hazard areas – watch out for leaf litter, moss and residual wetness in sunless corners. Bemboka – for refreshments – and Bega – for cheese – ¬are well worth a stop.


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Overhanging trees make leaf litter and fallen branches a hazard, particularly on windy days. The steep part that runs through the south-east Forest National Park is well known for its pockets of leaf litter that make the road dangerously slippery. Some shaded sections stay wet for days after rain.

Waterfall Way

Raleigh to Dorrigo

42km 35mins


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A classic hill climb through the pleasant little towns of Bellinger and Thora that’s best ridden early in the morning to avoid traffic. There is an alternative route, but as mainly gravel track, is best avoided. PS Don’t forget your camera for the waterfalls; Dorrigo’s World’s Smallest Motorcycle Museum, Dorrigo, the Bellinger River and the curiously orderly rows of nut trees in Thora all make for good stops.

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Enjoy your journey, stay alert and appreciate the spectacular views!