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The Best Roads to Ride on Your Two Wheels in Australia

The Best Motorcycle Roads in NSW - Classic Bike Spares
20 February 2019 Best roads

“Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest.” John Walters, a musician, and songwriter.

We can all take something from that advice. Including all free-spirited motorbike riders out there.

Indeed, at some point in our lives, we have to allow ourselves to get out of our comfort zones in order to fulfil our passions or try new things. What more can we do to enrich our souls than undertake the most unforgettable journeys?

So, we say, “Life is short, so  to the fullest!”

8 best roads to ride your bike in Australia

For you to have the time of your life and see the world from a different yet most glorious perspective, allow us to give you a list of the best roads to ride on your two wheels in Australia that you will surely never forget:

1. Adelaide Hills


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One of the precious gems of Adelaide, Adelaide Hills is a must-visit for all who are looking for a balance of adventure and breath-taking scenery. With the 159 kilometre loop from Golden Grove, your motorcycle ride ends at Tea Tree Gully. While riding, you will be welcomed and embraced by a long stretch of picture-perfect views of the countryside, abundant wildlife, and other magnificent landscapes.

Adelaide Hills is also close to many of Australia’s popular tourism regions such as the Murray River, Barossa, and Fleurieu Peninsula. It’s  a gateway to some great scenery.

Like many other tourists and riders, you’ll want to start your lovely ride from here too!

2. Kangaroo Valley Ride


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If you are into coastal motorcycle rides, Kangaroo Valley should be on your destination list. Aside from its national parks, majestic waterfalls, and lovely suburban scenery, you also get to enjoy the calm and assuring views of its lush rain-forests, crystal-clear rivers and creeks, diverse flora and fauna, and  rich  green pastures that bring nothing but delight and warmth to your soul.

This nature getaway is only two hours from Sydney and Canberra. By just filling in your motorcycle with a two-hour’s worth of gas, you will get to experience on one of the motorcycle rides of your lifetime.

3. Great Ocean Road


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Want to step  your  ride up to the next level? Then, traversing the Great Ocean Road might just be the ride of the life you are looking for.

Riding  the Great Ocean Road allows you to experience a 120-kilometre motorcycle drive from Torquay to Glenaire, making it possible for you to pass through the Twelve Apostles, which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Indeed, it isn’t  hailed as one of Australia’s most famous and popular rides for nothing!

4. Waterfall Way


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When riders say that the Waterfall Way is a paradise ride, trust them; they are not kidding.

Notwithstanding its twisty road, this has secured its reputation as one of the mainstay motorcycle roads on the NSW Mid-North Coast. Waterfall Way is   one of the most fabulous rides in the New England Tablelands region. As home to some of the grand vistas in the Australian highlands, you’ll  be absorbed with its  magical view.

The Best Roads to Ride on Your Two Wheels in Australia - roads to ride

5. Oxley Highway

Don’t be surprised if Oxley Highway is a name you see  in any best motorcycle road list both from seasoned and casual riders . This is one must-experience multi-faceted road! This 165-kilometre stretch is regarded as every motorcycle rider’s dream because of its twists, changing climates, breathtaking mountainous views, and changing conditions that will surely make the ride as unique as it is fulfilling.

The Best Roads to Ride on Your Two Wheels in Australia - roads to ride

6. The Lions Road

It may not be the most popular go-to road for motorcycle riders because of its short distance, but that doesn’t make it a lesser road to enjoy and travel.

The Lions Road was constructed by the Lions Club to make travelling to the Queensland-NSW border possible and convenient. This is also known as the “Scenic Rim” because of its spiral loop designed to enable trains to cross the Border Ranges. As you traverse this road in its entirety, forests and crisscross Running Creek and Grady’s Creek along said border may be seen. This 50-kilometre road is also the nexus for the Mt Lindesay Highway near Queensland town Beaudesert and the Summerland Way near New South Wales town Kyogle.

The Best Roads to Ride on Your Two Wheels in Australia - roads to ride

7. Strahan to Derwent Bridge

Located in Tasmania, this road has become one of many riders’ favourites. It starts from the beautiful Strahan, a small town and former port situated on the west coast of Tasmania, and runs up  to the Derwent Bridge. Throughout this journey, you will have the chance to see all the world acclaimed and heritage-listed mountains, open and long highways, and green pastures. Don’t forget to stop and take pictures!

8. The Putty Road


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Any home-grown motorcycle rider and enthusiast will agree that the Putty Road should not be left off the list. There’s just so many things to do here, which is one of the reasons why it is among the most popular and well-loved roads in Australia.

Putty Road is an Australian riders’ favourite and one to which many always come back to. It’s understandable when you now that Yengo and Wollemi, two of the most well-known Australian national parks, are located at either end. This ride   combines  riding, nature, and heritage. If you favour smooth riding over cultural and environmental experience, this is also a great road to travel.

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Riding these roads  means having the time of your life, but of course, you can’t just go onto these well-travelled roads without being prepared. If you already have your trusty motorcycle , then good for you because all you have to do is to recondition and jazz it up with some of the latest motorcycle accessories and equipment. But if you don’t, it’s about time to take that long overdue break and start scouting for your riding companion.

Then  ride to the fullest, and make every moment of it unforgettable!