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1971 Norton Commando Crankcases, Breather, Tacho Drive
1971 Norton Commando Crankcases, Breather, Tacho Drive -
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Crankcase Halves Assembled0615371Sorry, not available.
2Crankcase Dowel0676214To locate timing cover.
3Crankcase Dowel Peg06771720.0965" diameter x 0.442" long.
4Breather Plate0675471Fixed in crankcase behind drive side bush.
5Breather Plate Peg0675551
6Camshaft Bush0675391Drive side.
7Camshaft Bush0675381Timing side.
8Main Bearing, Drive Side0641181Drive side, Superblend.
9Main Bearing Oil Seal0675671Rubber cased, seals better. Behind engine sprocket.
9Main Bearing Oil Seal067567M1Metal cased, not rubber. Behind engine sprocket.
10Main Bearing, Timing Side0178221
11Main Bearing Shim06756910.003" thick, fits inner race.
12Cylinder Stud06787163/8" Whitworth base, 3/8" CEI top.
13Cylinder Stud, Stepped06757123/8" Whitworth base, 5/16" CEI top.
14Cylinder Stud, Front06772613/8" Whitworth base, 3/8" CEI top.
15Cylinder Stud Washer60232125/16" plain.
16Cylinder Stud Washer06414763/8" thick type, small OD.
17Cylinder Stud Nut06757225/16" CEI.
18Cylinder Stud Nut06752813/8" CEI.
19Cylinder Stud Nut06787063/8" CEI.
20Oil Pump Stud0675982
21Oil Pump Stud NutNME323125/16" CEI.
22Crankcase Blanking Plug0626381In oil way.
23Oil Junction Block Dowel0677861Hollow.
24Crankcase Stud0676321
25Crankcase Stud NutNME323125/16" CEI.
26Crankcase Bolt06763215/16" CEI.
27Crankcase Bolt Washer60234825/16" plain.
28Crankcase Bolt NutE322315/16" CEI.
29Crankcase Stud, Top Front0677281
30Crankcase Stud Washer60232011/4" plain, thick.
31Crankcase Stud Nut06759111/4" CEI.
32Crankcase Stud, Top RearT201313/8" CEI.
33Crankcase Stud Washer60232213/8" plain, thin.
34Crankcase Stud Nut06759013/8" CEI.
35Crankcase Screw0678882At bottom, high tensile.
36Sump Filter Body0676761Without hole.
37Sump Filter Gauze0676771
38Sump Filter Washer0676781Retains 067677 gauze.
39Sump Filter Circlip0676791Retains 067678 washer in sump filter.
40Sump Filter Body Washer0676801For large filter.
41Release Pipe Elbow06787811/2" x 20 TPI.
42Release Pipe Elbow Washer0676311Copper, 1/4 GAS.
43Release Pipe Elbow Nut0678801
44Blanking Plate Bolt Washer60232041/4" plain.
45Blanking Plate Bolt0606332Not available.
46Blanking Plate Gasket0625481For Combat starter.
47Blanking Plate0615421
48Bolt0619211Not available.
49Split Pin162281Not available.
50Nut07002231Not available.
51Tachometer Worm Gear0610891Early type, no o-ring groove.
52Tachometer Housing Screw0626702At front, 1/4" UNC x 3/4" slotted.
53Tachometer Worm Gear O-Ring0612821
54Tachometer Housing0610901With proper lip seal fitted.
54Tachometer Housing0672541No lip seal fitted.