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1971 Norton Commando Engine Mountings, Head Steady, Centre Stand
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Head Steady0654591850 style box section head.
2Head Steady to Head Screw Set0677451Set of 3, socket, 5/16" BSF x 3/4".
3Head Steady Screw Washer01411735/16", serrated on inside diameter.
4Head Steady Side Plate0611282
5Head Steady Spacer0604902For original thin 060489 and 065459 head steady.
6Head Steady Rubber Mounting0606222
7Head Steady Stud0604932For 060489 and 065459 head steady.
8Head Steady Stud Washer60241865/16" spring washer.
9Head Steady Stud Nut14030265/16" UNF plain.
10Front Engine Mounting0614101Bare.
11Front Engine Mounting Bolt06321323/8" UNF x 4" long.
12Front Engine Plate Washer60234943/8".
13Front Engine Plate Nut14130323/8" UNF Nyloc.
14Front Engine Mounting Centre Bolt06042311/2" UNF.
15Front Engine Mounting Centre Bolt Washer00000821/2" plain.
16Front Engine Mounting Centre Bolt Nut14130531/2" UNF Nyloc.
17Front Engine Mounting Bush0612262
18Front Engine Mounting Spacer0639601Steel.
19Front Engine Mounting Buffer0612782
20Front Engine Mounting Tube Cap0606842
21Front Engine Mounting Shim, 0.005"060686AR0.005", for old system.
22Front Engine Mounting Shim, 0.010"060687AR0.010", for old system.
23Front Engine Mounting Shim, 0.020"060688AR0.020", for old system.
24Front Engine Mounting Shim, 0.030"060689AR0.030", for old system.
-Front Isolastic Shims Kit060686AARSet of 8.
25Front Engine Mounting Collar0604222Steel.
26Front Engine Mounting Washer0647482Fits front or rear.
27Front Engine Mounting Gaiter0637182
-Front Isolastic Kit067116AARFull assembly, stainless steel fittings, softer rubber.
-Front Isolastic Conversion Kit066130AARIncludes full internals, no modifications required.
-Front Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit060423AARKit includes bolts, nuts and washers, plated.
-Front Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, SS060423ASARKit includes bolts, nuts and washers, stainless steel.
-Front Isolastic AssemblyAS5510AARVernier, complete, with gaiters.
-Front Isolastic Assembly, SSAS5510ASARVernier, complete, with gaiters, stainless steel.
28Rear Engine Mounting0614111Bare.
29Rear Engine Plate Bolt06321223/8" UNF x 4" long.
30Rear Engine Plate Washer60232243/8" plain.
31Rear Engine Plate Nut14130343/8" UNF Nyloc.
32Rear Engine Bottom Mounting Bolt14012515/16" UNF x 4" long.
33Rear Engine Plate Washer60234825/16" large diameter.
34Rear Engine Plate Nut14130225/16" UNF Nyloc.
-Engine to Plates Bolts Kit063211A1Includes bolts, nuts & washers, plated.
-Engine to Plates Bolts Kit, SS063211ASS1Includes bolts, nuts & washers, stainless steel.
35Rear Engine Mounting Bush0612273
36Rear Engine Mounting Spacer0639282Steel.
37Rear Engine Mounting Buffer0612802
38Rear Engine Mounting Tube Cap0606852
39Rear Engine Mounting Shim, 0.005"060775AR0.005", for old system.
40Rear Engine Mounting Shim, 0.010"060776AR0.010", for old system.
41Rear Engine Mounting Shim, 0.020"060777AR0.020", for old system.
42Rear Engine Mounting Shim, 0.030"060778AR0.030", for old system.
-Rear Isolastic Shims Kit060775AARSet of 8.
43Rear Engine Mounting Collar0604362Steel.
44Rear Engine Mounting Washer0647482Fits front or rear.
45Rear Engine Mounting Gaiter0637192
46Rear Engine Mounting Stud06244211/2" UNF.
-Rear Isolastic Kit067117AARStainless steel fittings, softer rubber.
-Rear Isolastic Conversion Kit066131AARIncludes full internals.
-Rear Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit062442AARIncludes stud, nuts and washers, plated.
-Rear Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, SS062442ASARIncludes stud, nuts and washers, stainless steel.
47Centre Stand0621921Not available. Use centre stand 064031 & fitting kit 064057A.
48Centre Stand Spring0646431
49Centre Stand Pivot Bolt0620402
50Centre Stand Washer60232327/16" plain, thick type.
51Centre Stand Nut14130427/16" UNF Nyloc.
52Centre Stand Spacer0619992Fits the weak stand.
-Centre Stand Fitting Kit064057AARComplete with spring, plated.
-Centre Stand Fitting Kit, SS064057ASARComplete with spring, stainless steel.