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1971 Norton Commando Exhaust, Rear Footpegs
1971 Norton Commando Exhaust, Rear Footpegs -
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1/2Exhaust Pipes, 750SS06238011High level, 1-3/8".
3Bolt14021925/16" UNF x 1-1/2" long.
4Muffler Bolt, 750SS14011345/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
5Muffler Stay Bracket, RH, 750SS0623831Right hand.
6Muffler Stay Bracket, LH, 750SS0623841Left hand.
7Muffler Stay Bracket Silencer, 750SS0623852
8Heat Shield, LH, 750SS0623861Not available.
9Heat Shield, RH, 750SS0623891Not available.
10Spacer, 750SS0623922Heat shield to clamp.
11/12Exhaust Pipes063375/61Upswept type, 1-3/8".
11/12Exhaust Pipes (UK Made)063375/61Upswept type, 1-3/8", made in England.
13Bolt14011625/16" UNF x 1".
14Muffler Stud0607794
15Muffler Stay Bracket0617202For Fastback LR, Roadster and Hi-Rider.
15Muffler Stay Bracket Set061720A1Set of 3. For Fastback LR, Roadster and Hi-Rider.
16Nut06002943/8" UNF Nyloc.
17Bolt14023323/8" UNF x 1-1/2" long.
18Washer60232223/8" plain.
19Footpeg Support Bracket0617222For reverse cone mufflers.
20Muffler0619782Peashooter for Roadster and Hi-Rider.
20Muffler, with Logo061978L2Reverse cone, straight through. For Roadster and Hi-Rider.
21Muffler Clamp0613282For 1-3/8" pipes.
21Muffler Clamp D Type0613282For 1-3/8" pipes.
22Exhaust Lockring0624642For unbalanced pipes.
-Exhaust Lockring Tab Washer0624122
23Exhaust Gasket, Steel0639952
23Exhaust Gasket, Copper063995P2
24Washer06770025/16" serrated.
25Nut14030265/16" UNF - 10 required for 750SS model.
26Washer60232185/16" plain - 10 required for 750SS model.
27Muffler Bracket0617212Reverse cone, medium. For Fastback LR, Roadster and Hi-Rider.
28Exhaust Mounting Rubber0606224Bobbin.
29Bolt14023243/8" UNF x 1-1/4" long - 2 required for 750SS model.
30Washer602322103/8" plain - 2 required for 750SS model.
31Footpeg Plate Spacer06047123/8" bore. Not used on 750SS model.
32/33Exhaust Pipes, Low Level062545/61For use with panniers. Not available.
34Muffler Bracket, Low Level0625472Not available.
35Muffler Bolt, Low Level14011325/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
36Passenger Footpeg, Complete0620062Each side.
37Passenger Footpeg Nut14130111/4" UNF Nyloc.
38Passenger Footpeg Rubber0425692Round.
39Passenger Footpeg Lug0604871
40Passenger Footpeg0606161The part the rubber fits onto. Has solid pin.
41Passenger Footpeg Bolt14010411/4" UNF x 7/8" long.
42Muffler Mute0619842Not available.
43Mute Screw0619872Not available.
44Carburettor Main Jet0620772To suit mute. Refer to Carburettors & Mountings for this part.