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1971 Norton Commando Front Forks & Steering Head Bearings
1971 Norton Commando Front Forks & Steering Head Bearings -
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Fork Assembly, Complete0624871Drum Brake.
2Fork Leg Assembly, RH0615641Right hand, ready to fit.
3Fork Slider, Right Hand0603521For drum brake, 7-3/8" forks, round.
4Fork Leg Assembly, LH0615631Left hand.
5Fork Slider, Left Hand0603511For drum brake, pinch bolt side.
6Slider Pinch Bolt & Washer06246515/16" x 1-3/8" UNC, for drum type forks.
7Fork Gaiters0611152Short, 4 cm, USA style.
8Collar0611372Oil seal retaining for gaiters, short type.
9Fork Drain Washer00020321/4" fibre.
10Damper Seat Locating Spacer0305842
11Fork Damper Rod0603462UNF thread.
12Damper Rod Cap Nut14030323/8" UNF thin.
13Damper Rod Locknut14030225/16" UNF plain.
14Fork Oil Drain Screw0603542Whitworth slotted
15Damper Tube Anchor Bolt14011325/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
16Fork Damper Tube Cap0613472Replace if forks top out, 28 TPI.
17Fork Damper Tube0618882Total length 9-1/8", for 23-1/4" stanchions.
18Fork Damper Valve0676332Cup in damper tube.
19Fork Damper Valve Stop Pin0676342Inside valve, locates piston.
20Fork Spring0677232Inside fork stanchion, 18.687" long.
20Fork Spring, Progressive067723PR2Inside fork stanchion, 18.687" long, progressive.
21Fork Spring Locating Bush0678962Suits internal spring only.
22Fork Leg Damper Bolt Washer0675172
23Fork Leg Damper Seal Washer0675142Fits onto bottom of fork damper.
24Fork Stanchions, Pair (UK)0634232Chromed, genuine Norton, made in England.
24Fork Stanchions, Pair0634232Hard chrome.
25Fork Tube Bush Circlip0676362Roadholder fork with double damping.
26Fork Tube Bush0675192Lower fork bush, steel.
27Fork Oil Seal0654832Fits all Roadholder forks.
28Fork Oil Seal Washer0675202Paper, fits between fork oil seal and top bush.
29Fork Tube Guide Bush0675212Top fork bush.
30Fork Tube Top Bolt0603452Long type.
31Fork Stanchion Top Nut Washer0675112
32Fork Leg Stud06318941/4" Whitworth x 1/2" long, fork bridge to leg.
33Washer60232041/4" plain.
34Nut06035541/4" UNC, for bridge studs.
35Steering Head Bearing0676042Double sealed ball type steering bearing.
36Steering Head Bearing Spacer0677421.
37Fork Centre Stem Washer0676851On bearing dust cover.
38Steering Bearing Cover0676511Under top yoke, 25mm hole, fits yokes with 13/16" stems.
39Bottom Yoke Tab Washer0619121Stops nut unscrewing.
40Steering Stem Nut0677811For steering stem at bottom.
41Fork Yoke Socket Screw061911.23/8" UNF x 1-1/2" socket.
42Lower Fork Yoke0640781Must use with 061915 or 064080 upper fork yoke and stem.
43Lower Yoke Blanking Plug0623322
44Upper Fork Yoke & Stem0619151Must use with 064078 lower fork yoke.
45Stem Blanking Plug0623051Steering stem top, in centre.
46Handlebar Top Clamp0677272Silver painted.
47Handlebar Clamp Screw0603334Socket, 5/16" UNF x 1".
48Steering Lock0301751
49Right Hand Headlight Bracket0620281
50Left Hand Headlight Bracket0620291
51Headlight Bracket O-Ring0619006
52Instrument Case0605102Short.
53Speedometer Cable06790415' 9" long.
54Tachometer Cable (UK)061118129" long, made in England.
54Tachometer Cable061118129" long.
55Tachometer Head0622791Not available.