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1971 Norton Commando Front Mudguard, Number Plate, Seat
1971 Norton Commando 750 Front Mudguards, Number Plates and Seats
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Front Mudguard0631751Stainless Steel, with painted bridge stay. Fits Interstate, Roadster and Hi-Rider.
1AFront Mudguard, White Interpol062328/21Not available.
2Mudguard Stay0623232Fits Interstate, Roadster, Hi-Rider and Black Interpol.
2Mudguard Stay, SS062323SS2Fits Interstate, Roadster, Hi-Rider and Black Interpol.
2AMudguard Stay, White Interpol062323/22Not available.
3Washer000039103/16" plain.
4Washer60241653/16" spring washer.
5Bolt06067753/16" x 1/2" long.
6Nut06067853/16" plain.
7Bolt06035745/16" UNC x 1/2" long.
8Washer60232145/16" plain.
9Front Mudguard, 750SS0623631
-Front Mudguard Kit, 750SS062363A1Complete assembly with stays.
-Front Mudguard Kit, 750SS, SS062363AS1Complete assembly with stays, stainless steel fittings.
10Front Mudguard Stay, 750SS07001162Black.
11Bolt14022125/16" UNF x 2".
12Washer60232125/16" plain.
13Spacer06236125/16" bore, 1/4" thick.
14Self Locking Nut06236225/16" UNF, thin type.
16Washer01499925/16" large diameter.
17Screw8728102Not available.
18Washer60232021/4" plain.
19Nut06224021/4" UNF Nyloc.
20Front Number Plate Holder0118351Not available.
21Front Number Plate Stanchion0118362Not available.
22Front Number Plate Beading187751Not available.
23Washer0675772Not available.
24Front Number Plate Fixing Screw0008612Not available.
25Washer6023202Not available.
26Nut0000051Not available.
27Seat, Roadster0636761With steel base.
28Seat, Fastback0605011With ears.
29Seat, Fastback LR0622331Long Range seat, steel based.
30Seat, Interpol0617701Not available.
31Seat, 750SS0623361Not available.
32Seat, Hi-Rider0623901Not available.
35Seat Buffer067791AR
36Grab Rail, Hi-Rider0623741Not available.
37Grab Rail Clip, Hi-Rider0623792Not available.
38Washer6024274Not available.
39Bolt0617984Not available.