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1971 Norton Commando Headlight, Indicators, Battery Tray, Speedo
1971 Norton Commando 750 Headlights & Direction Indicators
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Headlight (Lucas)0691231With rim, 3 warning lights & switch, chrome.
2Headlight Rim (Lucas)99069217" chrome.
3Light Unit (Lucas)5452592717" BPF with pilot aperture.
4Headlight Spacer06203527-3/8" yokes, 7/16" hole.
5Headlight, Continental603491Not available.
6Light Unit, Continental545226801Not available.
7Headlight Plug-in Connector0680331Plug-in, halogen bulb.
7Headlight Plug068033WAR3-pin H4, with wires.
8Headlight, Hi-Rider & 750SS602801MCH66. Not available.
9Headlight Rim, Hi-Rider & 750SS9906911Not available.
10Light Unit, Hi-Rider & 750SS9912121Not available.
11Headlight Spacer, Hi-Rider & 750SS06230020.75" long, 7/16" hole. Not available.
12Headlight, Continental, Hi-Rider & 750SS603481MCH66. Not available.
13Light Unit, Continental, Hi-Rider & 750SS545235131Not available.
14Headlight Plug-in Connector, Hi-Rider & 750SS0680331Not available.
15Headlight Harness0680661Cloth braided.
16Headlight Rim Clip9906836
17/18Headlight Rim Screw & Clamp991189A1
19Warning Light, Amber (Lucas)0664201Jewel style, chrome rim.
19Warning Light, Amber9912071Round style, chrome rim.
20Warning Light, Red (Lucas)0664241Jewel style, chrome rim.
20Warning Light, Red9912081Round style, chrome rim.
21Warning Light, Green (Lucas)0664251Jewel style, chrome rim.
21Warning Light, Green9912091Round style, chrome rim.
-Warning Light, Blue (Lucas)9970541Round style, chrome rim.
22Warning Light Sealing Ring541403313
23Warning Light Bulb (Lucas)281312 volt, 2 watts, BA7S.
24Headlight Warning Light Shield0680503Plastic, not rubber.
25Lighting Switch (Lucas)068024157SA toggle switch, 2 position.
26Main Bulb Holder9906941For standard headlight bulb.
27Terminal Sleeve5559101Not available.
28Pilot Bulb Holder99121316 volt or 12 volt.
29Pilot Bulb Seating Ring0681901Not available.
30Main Bulb (Lucas)991214112V 50/40W, for standard headlight.
31Main Bulb, Continental0680191Not available.
32Main Bulb, France0680201Not available.
33Pilot Light Bulb (Lucas)9905481Bayonet type, BA9S, 12 volt, 5 watt.
34Headlight Mounting Bolt06232127/16" UNF x 1-1/4" long.
35Headlight Mounting Washer60232327/16" thick, plain.
-Quartz-Halogen Light Unit (Lucas)54526114AR7" unit with pilot aperture, right hand drive.
-Quartz-Halogen Bulb (Lucas)463ARP43T headlight bulb, 12 volt, 60/55 watt.
36Indicator Light Mounting9912374Long stem.
37Indicator Light Assembly, Short (Lucas)991190S23" stem indicator, stem thread 7/16" UNF.
37Indicator Light Assembly, Short991190S23" stem indicator, stem length 3-1/8".
37Indicator Light Assembly, Long (Lucas)991190L25" stem indicator, stem thread 7/16" UNF.
37Indicator Light Assembly, Long991190L25" stem indicator, stem length 4-3/4".
38Indicator Light Lens (Lucas)9911914Fits front or rear, diameter 2-3/4".
38Indicator Light Lens99119142.75" in diameter.
39Indicator Light Bulb Holder0680554
40Indicator Light Interior Assembly0680384Not sold separately.
41Indicator Light Bulb991192412 volt, 21 watt.
42Nut14030427/16" UNF.
43Spring Washer60243027/16".
44Indicator Unit (Lucas)062045112 volt.
45Indicator Unit Mounting Bracket0620461Fits rectangular Lucas units only.
46Bolt06091513/16" UNF x 1/2".
47Nut06067813/16" plain.
48Washer00003923/16" plain.
49Link Lead, Front Indicators0625741
50Battery0330491Not available.
51Battery Strap0616622
52Battery Crossbar0616671
53Battery, Interpol0616272Not available.
54Rubber, Interpol0616552Not available.
55Rubber06165818" long.
56Battery Strap, Interpol0616612Not available.
57Battery Crossbar, Interpol0616671Not available.
58Speedometer Head, MPH0622771Not available.
59Speedometer Head, KPH0622781Not available.
60Speedometer/Tachometer Bulbholder0620861Includes bulb and lead, clip-in, not screw-on.
61Speedometer Head, MPH, Certified061767ARPolice. Not available.
62Speedometer Head, KPH, Certified062229ARPolice. Not available.
63Speedometer/Tachometer Bulb1911671All glass type.