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1972 Norton Commando Controls & Cables
1972 Norton Commando 750 Controls and Control Cables
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Junction Box, Throttle & Choke (Amal)244/10422 into 1.
2Choke Cable, Control End, Western0609081For western-style handlebars. First part, lever to junction box.
2Choke Cable, Control End, Europe0665651For European handlebars. First part, lever to junction box.
3Choke Cable, Carburettor End0331442Second half, junction box to carburettor.
4Throttle Cable, Carburettor End0331452Second half, junction box to carburettor, 11".
5Throttle Cable, Twistgrip End, USA0614511For USA style handlebars. First half, twistgrip to junction box, 26".
5Throttle Cable, Twistgrip End, Europe0641371For European style handlebars. First half, twistgrip to junction box.
5AThrottle Cable, Twistgrip End, Hi Rider0646381For Hi-Rider only. First half, twistgrip to junction box.
-Throttle Cable, Single600746ARSuits single concentric carburettor conversion.
6Front Brake Cable, Drum0624911TLS drum brake only. Supplied with in-line brake switch, 37".
6AFront Brake Cable, Drum, Hi Rider0625031For Hi-Rider, drum brake only.
7Clutch Cable, 52.5"0628131To suit standard bars.
7Clutch Cable, 56"06281315" longer, to suit higher US bars.
8Throttle Twistgrip, Complete0620321Standard 7/8" twistgrip, complete with handlebar grip set.
9Twistgrip Rotor, Standard16/0911Rotor only. Not available.
10Twistgrip Body, Top Half16/0601Not available separately.
11Twistgrip Body, Bottom Half16/0611Not available separately.
12Clamping Screw, Long (Amal)11/0131
13Clamping Screw, Short (Amal)11/0141
14Friction Screw16/0091Not available separately.
15Friction Spring16/0081Not available separately.
16Locknut, Screw16/0101Not available separately.
17Slotted Ferrule0264761Twist grip to cable, split collar.
18Switch, LH Complete, Alloy39596A1Not available. Use 10421 switch repair kit.
18ASwitch, LH Complete, Black397581Not available. Use 10421 switch repair kit.
19Switch, RH Complete, Alloy39595A1Not available. Use 10421 switch repair kit.
20Switch Cluster, RH540336661Not available. Use 10421 switch repair kit.
-Switch Repair Kit (Lucas)10421ARLonger type arrow levers, stainless steel internal fittings.
21Clutch Lever0627021Alloy, for Lucas handlebar console switch cluster.
22Front Brake Lever0625531Alloy, for Lucas handlebar console switch cluster, drum brake.
23Lever Pivot Screw21703621 required for disc brake.
24Clutch & Brake Pivot Locknut14120121/4" UNF selflock.
25Clutch Pivot Casting, Polished0633721
25AClutch Pivot Casting, Black0633741Not available.
26Drum Brake Pivot Casting0633731Polished alloy.
27Clutch & Drum Brake Cable Adjuster062027224 TPI, late type.
28Clutch & Drum Brake Cable Adjuster Nut062237224 TPI, late type.
29Switch Cluster Screw06248884 required for disc brake.
29ASwitch Cluster Screw, RH06224143/16" Whitworth x 2" long, slotted, for disc brake only.
30Choke Lever, Complete0625351Includes plate nos 29-35. Chrome, fits 7/8" bars.
31Choke Lever Body0679791Top part. Not sold separately.
32Choke Lever Cap0679761Chrome, has the word "choke" cast in by Amal.
33Choke Lever0679741Not available.
34Choke Lever Spring Washer (Amal)0679731Disc type, for tension.
35Pivot Screw0679771Not available.
36Choke Lever Clip9902301Not available.
37Screw99022621BA slotted, special.
38Cable Tie, 4"06282844" long, plastic.
39Cable Tie, 8"06282998" long, plastic.
40Cable Tie, 14"062830114" long, plastic.