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1972 Norton Commando Cylinder, Cylinder Head & Fittings
1972 Norton Commando 750 Engine: Cylinder, Cylinder Head and Fittings
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Cylinder Base Gasket0678691
2Cylinder Barrel, Standard0617051850 style, through bolt type, complete with fitting kit.
2ACylinder Barrel, Combat0626741Not available.
3Cylinder Head Gasket0638441Flame ring, eyeletted.
3Cylinder Head Gasket0640711
4Cylinder Head, RH1060988130mm ports, 9:1 compression. Not available.
4ACylinder Head, Combat0633271Not available.
5Exhaust Valve Guide, Standard0635272
5Exhaust Valve Guide, 0.00506352820.005 oversize.
5Exhaust Valve Guide, 0.01006352920.010 oversize.
5Exhaust Valve Guide, 0.01506353020.015 oversize.
6Inlet Valve Guide, Standard0627252To fit seal.
6Inlet Valve Guide, 0.0050627672To fit seal.
6Inlet Valve Guide, 0.0100627682To fit seal.
6Inlet Valve Guide, 0.0150627692To fit seal.
7Exhaust Valve, Standard0651152
8Inlet Valve, Standard0632832
-Valves & Guides Set064034K1Includes inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides and seals.
9Valve Spring Seat0675454
10Valve Spring Heat Insulating Washer0678454Under cup, 1.5 mm thick.
11Inlet Valve Guide Oil Seal0627262 5/16" stem valve.
12/13Valve Spring Set0670701Includes 4 inner and outer valve springs.
14Valve Spring Collar0675064Top, steel.
15Valve Collets0675074
16Inlet Pushrod0679402Long, approx 8.15" long.
17Exhaust Pushrod0679412Short, approx 7.3" long.
18-19Cam Followers0678202Matched pair.
20Cam Follower Locating Plate0630922Short.
21Cam Follower Locating Plate Screw0675604
22Rocker, LH Inlet0624731Without adjuster and nut.
23Rocker, RH Inlet0624711Without adjuster and nut.
24Rocker, LH Exhaust0624741Without adjuster and nut.
25Rocker, RH Exhaust0624721Without adjuster and nut.
26Rocker Adjuster067546AK4Socket type, use 1/8" Allen key.
27Rocker Adjuster Nut0675084
28Rocker Spindle0679244Plain type, high pressure system.
29Rocker Thrust Washer0676974Fits outside rocker.
30Rocker Spindle Washer0676984Fits inside rocker, Thackery.
31Rocker Spindle Plate Gasket, Inner0675504
32Rocker Spindle Plate Gasket, Outer0675804
33Rocker Spindle Lock Plate0675784Inner, with tabs, thicker and stronger.
34Rocker Spindle Plate0675794Outer, plain, thicker.
35Rocker Spindle Retaining Bolt06312481/4" UNC x 5/8" long.
36Rocker Spindle Cover Washer06312981/4" copper.
-Rockers and Shafts Kit0624714K1Includes adjuster ball ends and shims.
37Exhaust Rocker Cover Stud0675824Front, alloy heads only.
38Rear Rocker Cover Stud0676931Alloy heads only.
39Inlet Rocker Cover Dowel0005791
40Exhaust Rocker Inspection Cover0676942Oval.
41Exhaust Rocker Cover Gasket0675542Oval.
42Exhaust Rocker Cover Nut Set0675521Front. Set of 4.
43Inlet Rocker Inspection Cover0676951Rectangular.
44Inlet Rocker Cover Gasket0675511Rectangular.
45Rear Rocker Cover Nut Seal Washer0675491
46Inlet Rocker Cover Nut0675621
-Rocker Cover Set067694/51Includes 2 exhaust covers and 1 inlet cover.
47Cylinder Barrel to Head Stud06756125/16" CEI.
48Cylinder Head to Barrel Stud06788533/8" BSF and 3/8" CEI.
49Cylinder Head Nut0631922Under exhaust, reduced hex for access.
50Cylinder Head Nut06752925/16" CEI, to fit 067561 stud.
51Cylinder Head to Barrel Nut06787013/8" CEI x 1/2" long.
52Cylinder Head Nut Washer60232125/16" plain.
53Outer Head Bolt06040143/8", by spark plug.
54Centre Head Bolt06791813/8" CEI. The short one in the middle.
55Cylinder Head Bolt Washer01621353/8" thick, large diameter.