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1972 Norton Commando Exhaust, Rear Footpegs
1972 Norton Commando 750 Exhausts, Mute, Passenger Footpegs
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1/2Exhaust Pipes, Roadster & Hi-Rider063375/61Upswept type, 1-3/8".
1/2Exhaust Pipes, Roadster (UK Made)063375/61Upswept type, 1-3/8", made in England.
3Muffler Stay Bracket, Roadster0617202Reverse cone, medium. Also Fastback LR and Hi-Rider.
4Bolt14021725/16" UNF x 1-1/4" long.
5Nut06002943/8" UNF Nyloc.
6Bolt14023323/8" UNF x 1-1 1/2" long.
7Footpeg Support Bracket0617222For reverse cone mufflers.
8Muffler, Roadster & Hi-Rider0619782Peashooter, fits both sides, 1-3/8", reverse cone, straight through.
8Muffler, Logo, Roadster & Hi-Rider,061978L2Peashooter, reverse cone, straight through, 1-3/8", with Norton logo.
9Muffler Clamp0613282For 1-3/8" pipes.
9Muffler Clamp D Type0613282For 1-3/8" pipes.
10Exhaust Lockring0624642For unbalanced pipes.
11Exhaust Gasket0639952Steel.
11Exhaust Gasket063995P2Copper.
12Exhaust Lockring Tab Washer0624122
13Washer06770025/16" serrated.
14Nut14030265/16" UNF.
15Washer60232185/16" plain.
16Muffler Bracket0617212Reverse cone, medium. For Fastback LR, Roadster and Hi-Rider.
17Exhaust Mounting Rubber0606224Bobbin.
18Bolt14023243/8" UNF, x 1-1/4" long.
19Washer602322103/8" plain.
20Footpeg Plate Spacer06047123/8" bore.
21Muffler Stud0607794Not Interpol.
22Muffler, Interstate0631302Pencil cone. Also Interpol.
23Exhaust Pipe LH, Interstate0632991Not available separately.
24Exhaust Pipe RH, Interstate0632401Not available separately.
23/24Exhaust Pipes, Interstate063240/991Also Interpol.
25Muffler Bracket, Interstate0631322Fits 063130 muffler, fits both sides. Also Interpol.
26Muffler Bolt, Interstate14011345/16" UNF x 5/8" long. Also Interpol.
27Muffler Stay Bracket, Interstate0631312Fits both sides, for 063130 muffler. Also Interpol.
28Passenger Footpeg, Complete0620062Each side.
29Passenger Footpeg Nut14130111/4" UNF Nyloc.
38Passenger Footpeg Rubber0425692Round.
31Passenger Footpeg Lug0604871
32Passenger Footpeg0606161The part the rubber fits onto. Has solid pin.
33Passenger Footpeg Bolt14010411/4" UNF x 7/8" long.
34Muffler Mute0619842Not available.
35Mute Screw0619872Not available.