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1972 Norton Commando Front Wheel, Drum Brake
1972 Norton Commando 750 Front Wheel and Drum Brake
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Rim & Hub Assembly0615781Not available.
2Front Wheel Spindle Nut0603611Fits 060362 at front, 18 TPI.
3Front Wheel Spindle060362118 TPI.
4Bearing, LH0401001Original type.
5Wheel Bearing Lockring0603631Front bearing, 20 TPI.
6Hub Shell0615771Not available.
7Front Wheel Spacer0639191Inside lockring.
8Bearing, RH0676881Sealed, twin row, 42032RS
9Front Wheel Bearing Spacer0677481Full width, drum hubs.
10Front Drum Brake Washer0677521Retains wheel felt, large flat.
11Wheel Bearing Felt Seal0676142Fits front and rear.
12Felt Retaining Washer0676161Fits between bearing and felt.
13Wheel Rim, SS0677121WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
13Wheel Rim, SS (Devon)0677121Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
13Wheel Rim, Chrome0677121WM2x19x40 chrome.
13Wheel Rim, Chrome (Devon)0677121Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 British chrome.
14-16Spokes & Nipples Set-1WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
14-16Spokes & Nipples Set (Devon)-1Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
14Inner Spoke06252520Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
15Outer Spoke06252620Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
16Spoke Nipple02169340Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
17Nut14030111/4" UNF plain.
18Brake Assembly0632811TLS, with air scoop & stiffening kit.
19Brake Plate Assembly0632801Complete.
20Brake Inlet Gauze0600201TLS.
21Brake Exit Gauze0600211TLS, bare.
22Air Scoop Screw06078714TLS.
23Air Inlet Cover0607891TLS.
24Air Exit Cover Plate0608451TLS.
25Front Brake Shoes0600061TLS.
26Brake Cam0632721TLS, to suit stiffening kit.
27Brake Shoe Slipper0600132TLS, short.
28Front Brake Shoe Spring0600142TLS.
29Tie Rod0600151TLS, 1/4" UNF.
30Brake Clevis, LH Thread0600181TLS, 1/4" UNF, plated.
30Brake Clevis, LH Thread, SS060018SS1TLS, 1/4" UNF, stainless steel.
31Brake Clevis, RH Thread0600191TLS, 1/4" UNF, plated.
31Brake Clevis, RH Thread, SS060019SS1TLS, 1/4" UNF, stainless steel.
32Front Brake Plate Lever, Long0600251Standard length, chrome plated.
32Front Brake Plate Lever, Longer, SS060025SS1Another 1" longer than 060025, stainless steel.
33Front Brake Plate Lever, Short0600271
34Washer60232223/8" plain.
35Front Brake Plate Lever Nut14030323/8" UNF Nyloc, on brake cam.
36Brake Cable Pin0605523Fits front or rear, plated.
36Brake Cable Pin, SS060552SS3Fits front or rear, stainless steel.
37Brake Cable Pin Clip0605533Fits front or rear.
38Dust Cap0639181On wheel, left hand, drum or disc.
39Washer067608ARTo space out front brake plate.
40Brake Plate Bush0677504Two per cam.
41Brake Pivot Pin0632731Twin leading shoe, bottom.
42Brake Pivot & Torque Stop Pin0632741Twin leading shoe.
43Nut06000523/4" AF.
44Bolt14010121/4" UNF x 1/2" long.
45Tab Washer0603952
46Brake Support Plate0632751TLS, to suit stiffening kit internal plate.
-Balance Weight, 10 grammes064616AR
-Balance Weight, 15 grammes064617AR
-Balance Weight, 20 grammes064618AR
-Balance Weight, 25 grammes064619AR