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1972 Norton Commando Petrol Tank
1972 Norton Commando 750 Fuel Tanks
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Petrol Tank, Fastback062025SA1Aluminium, bare, original shape, 3 gallon.
2/2APetrol Tank, Roadster0627011Made in Taiwan from heavy gauge steel.
2/2APetrol Tank, Roadster (UK)0627011Aluminium, with Monza type cap, English made.
3Petrol Tank, Hi-Rider0623711Glass fibre. Not available.
4Petrol Tank, Glass, Interstate0631731Glass fibre. Not available.
4APetrol Tank, Steel, Interstate0633941Steel. Not available.
5Petrol Tank, White Interpol0617641With radio recess. Not available.
6Petrol Tank, Black Interpol0622241With top pommels. Not available.
7Petrol Tap Washer06532921/4" GAS, special.
8Reserve Petrol Tap0317461Flat lever, with filter, locknut and seals.
9Main Petrol Tap0331551Flat lever, with filter and seals.
10Petrol Tank Mounting Pad0263591Thin.
11Petrol Tank Mounting Washer014999L25/16", large diameter.
12Petrol Tank Rear Strap, Interpol0604982Rubber, for GRP tanks and Interpol.
13Petrol Tank Filler Cap, Interpol0133251Not available.
14Petrol Tank Mounting Nut14130225/16" Nyloc.
15Petrol Tank Mounting Pad0625671Rear, thick.
16Petrol Tank Mounting Rubber0606221
17Petrol Tank Filler Cap0606811Flip up. All except Interpol.
17Petrol Tank Filler Cap (UK)0606811Flip-up, vented with seal, made in England. All except Interpol.
17Petrol Tank Filler Cap, Locking0606811Flip up, locking type, made in England. All except Interpol.
18Petrol Tank Filler Cap Pin0608821All except Interpol.
19Petrol Tank Mounting Rubber0606488Front. You'll need 8 for Roadster and 12 for Interstate.
20Rear Bolt14011325/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
21Washer60232125/16" plain.
22Petrol Tank Fixing Strap, Hi-Rider0623671Not available.
23Petrol Tank Fixing Strap0631211Metal, for steel tanks.
24Petrol Tank Fixing Strap, Interstate0632391Metal.
25Petrol Tank Mounting Rubber063204C1Thick rubber.
26Petrol Tank Mounting Stud0632152At front, 5/16" UNF both ends.
27Petrol Tank Mounting Nut14130245/16" Nyloc.
28Decal "Reserve"0091951For right hand side of petrol tank.
29Petrol Tank Decal "Norton" Gold0648802
30Petrol Tank Decal "Norton" Black0648812
31Petrol Tank Decal "Norton" Silver0648822
-Petrol Tank Sealer KitTS5ARComplete system.