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1972 Norton Commando Primary Chaincases, Clutch, Alternator
1972 Norton Commando 750 Chaincases, Chains, Sprockets, Clutch, Alternator
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Primary Chaincase Inner0603741Polished top, complete with sliding plates and dowels.
2Primary Chaincase Oil Seal Disc0607692In rear case.
3Primary Chaincase Dowel0241452
4Primary Chaincase Felt Seal0124431
5Primary Chaincase to Crankcase Gasket0607111Engine to primary.
6Primary Chaincase Fixing Bolt14610231/4" UNC x 5/8".
7Primary Chaincase Locktab0603953
8Primary Chaincase Centre Stud0603761
9Primary Chaincase Centre Stud Washer60232223/8" plain.
10Primary Chaincase Centre Stud Nut14130313/8" UNF Nyloc.
11Primary Chaincase Centre Stud Shim060399AR
12Stator Stud0603863
13Stator Stud Spacer0603773
14Stator Stud Washer00001135/16" plain.
15Stator Stud Nut06070035/16" UNF.
16Primary Chaincase Outer0625851With timing plate.
17Ignition Timing Plate0607631
18Hammer Drive Screw0606632Fits timing degree plate.
19Primary Chaincase Inspection Cap0603882Large.
20Chain Inspection Cap O-Ring0625812Large.
21Timing Inspection Cap0606591Small.
22Timing Inspection Cap O-Ring0625801Small.
23Primary Chaincase Band Rubber0603981
24Primary Chaincase Centre Stud Nut0603671Outer.
25Primary Chaincase Centre Stud Nut Washer0603681
26Engine Sprocket060383126 teeth.
27Engine Sprocket Key0675951Woodruff key.
28Alternator Rotor (Lucas)542022991RM20, 6 pole, with welded 0.752" centre.
29Alternator Stator (Lucas)472051RM21, 2 leads, single phase, 10 amp.
30Alternator Wire Grommet0609031
31Rotor Spacer0604021Fits behind rotor.
32Rotor Shim, 0.010"060665AR0.010" thick.
33Rotor Shim, 0.036"060664AR0.036" thick.
34Alternator Rotor Key0657181Woodruff key.
35Alternator Rotor Nut Washer0678941Locking.
36Alternator Rotor Nut0646801Fits on rotor.
37Primary Chain0603661Triplex 92 links endless.
38Primary Chaincase Oil Level Plug06258213/8" UNF slotted.
39Primary Chaincase Oil Level O-Ring0612821
40Clutch Complete0646441Includes plates 41-46 and 49-52. Parts available separately.
41Clutch Sprocket0624821Complete with backplate.
42Clutch Friction Plate0613395Bonded, genuine Surflex. Cheaper to buy as a kit.
43Clutch Plate0607464Plain steel. Cheaper to buy as a kit.
42/43Clutch Conversion Kit0671481Genuine Surflex. Cheaper than separate parts.
44Clutch Pressure Plate06376810.23" thick, steel, for bronze plates.
45Clutch Centre0639791Hardened.
46Clutch Diaphragm0607701With centre.
47Clutch Adjuster0611791Long type, for pushrod.
48Clutch Adjuster Nut06000513/4" AF.
49Clutch Bearing0607501Standard open type.
50Clutch Bearing Circlip, Inner0607531
51Clutch Bearing Circlip, Outer0607541
52Clutch Diaphram Spring Circlip0607511Big one, double.
53Clutch Location Circlip0607521
54Clutch Housing Location Spacer0607471Fits over circlip.
55Clutch Location Shim, 0.36"060894ARTo align primary chain.
56Clutch Location Shim, 0.48"060895ARTo align primary chain.
57Clutch Fixing Nut0403731
58Clutch Fixing Nut Washer0634471Use with 040373 nut.
59Rear Chain (Elite)01737615/8" x 3/8", 100 links.