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1972 Norton Commando Rear Wheel
1972 Norton Commando 750 Rear Wheel
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Rim & Hub Assembly0620791Complete. Not available.
2Rear Wheel Axle060289118 TPI.
3Wheel Axle Nut060292118 TPI x 9/16", fits axle at rear.
4Axle Spacer0603241Right hand side, long.
5Speedometer Drive0606271Rear wheel type, ratio 15:12.
6Washer60232213/8" plain.
7Nut14030323/8" UNF Nyloc, on brake cam.
8Rear Brake Cam0603141Has 3/8" UNF threads.
9Torque Stop Pin0603251
10Torque Stop Pin Nut0603261Shouldered.
11Spindle Bolt14010121/4" UNF x 1/2" long.
12Cam Bearing Nut0603291Fits 060701 cam bush and stay.
13Brake Plate0603321
14Outer Wheel Spacer0603341Left hand side, short.
15Rear Brake Cam Bush & Stay0607011Use 060329 nut.
16Brake Lever Return Spring0607041On brake plate.
17Rear Brake Shoes06341717".
18Brake Shoe Retaining Plate0676381
19Tab Washer0676401Fits on brake shoe retaining plate.
20Rear Brake Lever0677551On rear brake plate, faces down.
21Washer067603ARTo space out rear brake plate.
22Brake Shoe Returning Spring0676072
23Rear Wheel Spacer0652901Inner sprocket, hardened.
24/25Cush Drive Block Set062074A1Set of 3 thin and 3 thick, for rear wheel.
26Wheel Bearing0401002
27Rear Wheel Lockring0603171Turns speedo drive, 20 TPI.
28Cush Rear Wheel Hub0620631
29Inner Bearing Spacer0620691Long end fits right.
30Felt Retaining Washer0620712Large flat, inner, for cush rear hubs.
31Speedometer Drive Inner Spacer0677041Also holds felt.
32Felt Retaining Dished Washer0630122To retain felt 067614.
33Wheel Bearing Felt Seal0676143Fits front and rear.
34Speedometer Drive Outer Spacer0676291Centralises drive for 15:12, for 0.665" holes.
35Rear Wheel Spindle & Nut Washer0677382
36Rear Hub Cover Screw0679056
37Wheel Security Bolt0690901WM2.
38Wheel Rim, SS0677121WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
38Wheel Rim, SS (Devon)0677121Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
38Wheel Rim, Chrome0677121WM2x19x40 chrome.
38Wheel Rim, Chrome (Devon)0677121Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 British chrome.
39Spokes & Nipples Set-1WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
39Spokes & Nipples Set (Devon)-1Devon Rim Co WM2x19x40 stainless steel.
40Inner Spoke, LH06252510Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
40AInner Spoke, RH06252710Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
41Nipple02169340Not sold separately - see spokes & nipples set.
42Rear Hub Cover0620821Plain.
43Brake Drum & Sprocket062764142 teeth.
44Cush Stub Axle062067118 TPI.
45Felt Retaining Washer0620721Small flat, outer, for cush rear hubs.
46Felt Seal0628891Cush rear hubs only.
47Cush Drive Circlip0620901
48Wheel Bearing0676881Double row, brake side, open.
-Rear Wheel Axle & Nut Kit060289ACSARCush drive, includes axle, stub axle, nut and washers, stainless steel.
-Rear Wheel Axle & Nut Kit060289ASARBolt-up, includes axle, stub axle, nut and washers, stainless steel.
-Balance Weight, 10 grammes064616AR
-Balance Weight, 15 grammes064617AR
-Balance Weight, 20 grammes064618AR
-Balance Weight, 25 grammes064619AR