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1973-74 Norton Commando 850 Crankcases, Breather, Tacho Drive
1973-74 Norton Commando 750 & 850 Engine: Crankcases, Filter, Breather, Tachometer Drive
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Crankcase Halves, Assembled0640451
2Crankcase Dowel0676212To locate timing cover.
3Crankcase Dowel0626212Hollow.
4Camshaft Bush, Timing Side0630201With lip.
5Camshaft Bush, Drive Side0630211No lip.
6Main Bearing0641182.
7Main Bearing Oil Seal0675671Rubber cased, seals better. Behind engine sprocket.
7Main Bearing Oil Seal067567M1Metal cased, not rubber, behind engine sprocket.
8Main Bearing Shim06756910.003" thick, fits inner race.
9Cylinder Base Stud0638244Stepped, 5/16" UNF.
10Cylinder Base Stud, Front06263913/8" UNC base, 3/8" UNF top.
11Cylinder Base Stud Washer06385745/16" extra thick.
12Cylinder Base Stud Washer06414713/8", thick, small OD.
13Cylinder Base Stud Nut06265113/8" UNF, short, at front centre.
14Cylinder Base Stud Nut06382545/16" UNF, fits 063824 stud.
15Oil Pump Stud0626642
16Oil Pump Stud Nut14030225/16" UNF plain.
17Crankcase Blanking Plug0626381In oil way.
18Oil Junction Block Dowel0677861Hollow.
19Crankcase Bolt, Long14012515/16" UNF x 4", not through engine plates.
20Crankcase Bolt Nut14030215/16" UNF plain.
21Crankcase Bolt, Short14021815/16" UNF x 1-1/4" long.
22Crankcase Bolt Washer60234825/16" large diameter.
23Crankcase Bolt Nut14030215/16" UNF plain.
24Crankcase Stud, Top Front06266211/4" x 1-1/4" long.
25Crankcase Stud Washer06757711/4" plain.
26Crankcase Stud Nut2694711/4" UNF.
27Crankcase Stud, Top Rear0641571
28Crankcase Stud Washer01621313/8" thick, large diameter.
29Crankcase Stud Nut14130313/8" UNF Nyloc
30Crankcase Screw06268521-1/4" long, timing side to drive side at sump.
31Sump Plug, Magnetic06418813/8" UNC, magnetic.
32Sump Plug Washer06262413/8" copper.
33Tachometer Worm Gear0610891Early type, no o-ring groove.
34Tachometer Housing Screw06267021/4" UNC x 3/4", at front, slotted.
35Tachometer Worm Gear O-Ring0612821
36Tachometer Housing0672541Complete with proper lip seal fitted.
37Tachometer Housing Gasket0630561At front.
38Breather Tube0642001Screw in.
39Sump Filter Body0676761Without hole.
39Sump Filter Body Assembly067676AS1Complete with internals, no drain hole, stainless steel.
40Sump Filter Gauze0676771Stainless steel.
41Sump Filter Washer0676781Retains 067677 gauze.
42Sump Filter Internal Circlip0676791To retain 067678 washer in sump filter.
43Sump Filter Washer0676801For large filter.
-Oil Seal Kit048023KAR