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1973-74 Norton Commando Battery, Battery Tray, Indicators
1973-74 Norton Commando 750 & 850 Batteries, Battery Tray, Indicators
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Battery0632441Not available.
2Battery Strap0616622With stainless steel fittings.
3Battery Crossbar0616671
4Battery Rubber06260257" long.
5Battery Breather Tube0632271Not available.
6Battery, Interpol540274102Not available.
7Rubber, Interpol0616552Not available.
8Rubber, Interpol0616601Not available.
9Battery Strap, Interpol0616612Not available.
10Battery Crossbar, Interpol0616681Not available.
11Battery Tray0625571Fits battery along bike.
12Grommet0608111Rubber, bottom, in battery tray.
13Indicator Light Mounting9912374Long stem, chrome.
14Indicator Light Assembly, 3" (Lucas)99119023" short stem.
14Indicator Light Assembly, 3"9911902Replica Lucas, 3" short stem.
14Indicator Light Assembly, 5" (Lucas)991190L25" long stem.
14Indicator Light Assembly, 5"9911902Replica Lucas, 5" long stem.
15Indicator Light Lens (Lucas)9911914Fits front or rear, diameter 2-3/4".
15Indicator Light Lens9911914Replica, diameter 2-3/4".
16Indicator Light Bulb Holder0680554
17Indicator Light Interior Assembly0680384Not sold separately.
18Indicator Light Bulb991192412 volt, 21 watt.
19Nut14030427/16", UNF.
20Washer60243027/16", spring, zinc plated.
21Indicator Unit (Lucas)062045112 volt.
22Indicator Unit Mounting Bracket0620461Fits rectangular Lucas units only.
23Bolt06091513/16" UNF x 1/2", plated.
24Nut06067813/16", plain, plated.
25Washer00003923/16", plain, plated.
26Link Lead, Front Indicators0625741