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1973-74 Norton Commando Instruments
1973-74 Norton Commando 750 & 850 Instruments
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Instrument Case0641442Fits Smiths or Veglia.
2Extension Bolt0612814For Smiths Instruments.
3Tachometer Head0637911Black face, drive ratio 4:1, includes bulbholder.
4Speedometer Head, MPH, Veglia0637901Not available.
5Speedometer Head, KPH, Veglia0637891Not available.
6Tachometer Head, Smiths0622791Not available.
7Speedometer Head, MPH, Smiths0622771Not available.
8Speedometer Head, KPH, Smiths0622781Not available.
9Speedometer Head, MPH, Certified061767ARPolice. Not available.
10Speedometer Head, KPH, Certified062229ARPolice. Not available.
11Speedometer/Tachometer Bulb Holder0620861Includes bulb and lead, clip-in, not screw-on.
12Speedometer/Tachometer Bulb1911671All glass type.
13Speedometer Cable067904169" long.
14Tachometer Cable (UK)061118129" long, made in England.
14Tachometer Cable061118129" long.