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1973-74 Norton Commando Rear Mudguard, Tail Light, Tail Section
1973-74 Norton Commando 750 & 850 Rear Mudguard, Tail Light & Tail Section
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Rear Mudguard0638871Highly polished stainless steel.
2Decal "Made in England"0640621117 mm x 10 mm, stick on.
3Rear Mudguard Mounting Plate0621691At front, painted black.
4Bolt14011415/16" UNF x 3/4" long.
5Bolt14010521/4" UNF x 1" long.
6Washer60232041/4" plain.
7Washer60232125/16" plain.
8Nut06002923/8" UNF Nyloc.
9Nut14130215/16" UNF Nyloc.
10Nut06224021/4" UNF Nyloc.
11Rear Mudguard Bracket Spacer0621702
12Rear Wheel Adjuster Nut06065115/16" UNF small.
13Rear Number Plate Beading0637331Sold by the foot (30cm).
14Tail Light Pillar Nut0639212For big square light.
15Washer00003933/16" plain.
16Lock Washer60241633/16" spring.
17Heat Shield Screw06094633/16" x 1/4" UNF.
18Rear Mudguard Screw0639261Special, 5/16" UNF with 2BA threaded hole.
19Washer60232135/16" plain.
20Tail Light Fairing0637311For square light.
21Nut14030215/16" UNF plain.
22Rear Mudguard Clip Bracket0611211Clamps 063727 bracket.
23Rubber0642201Fits 061121 bracket.
24Bolt14011315/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
25Number Plate Support Bracket0637271Fits with 063724 mounting.
26Spindle Bolt14010121/4" UNF x 1/2" long.
27Washer60232021/4" plain.
28Tail Light Grommet0641522For square light.
29Rear Number Plate Mounting0637241For big square light.
30Rear Mudguard Spacer0640161To 062169 plate.
31Cable Tie 4"06282844" long, plastic.
32Tail Light Assembly0637361Replica Lucas type 917, with side reflectors.
33Tail Light Lens0680561Replica lens for Lucas 917 tail light.
34Tail Light Lens Screw-2Not available separately - see Tail Light Lens Screw Set
-Tail Light Lens Screw Set060946K1Includes lens & fairing screws & washers.
35Stop & Tail Light Bulb (Lucas)990542ARGenuine Lucas bulb, 12 volt, 21/5 watt.