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1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Gear Linkage, Chains, Alternator
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Gear Linkage, Chains, Alternator -
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Crossover Shaft Seal0651831
2Crossover Shaft0661871Long one!
3Crossover Shaft Gear0661811
4Spindle and Gear0661801Gear lever fits this.
5Gearchange Shaft Connector0656071Internally splined.
6Gearchange Shaft Circlip0664011
7Protector Sleeve0657531Plastic, cover over 065607 connector.
9Gearchange Pedal0661881Left hand.
10Gearchange Pedal Rubber0400861Closed end.
11Gearchange Pedal Bolt14610511/4" UNC x 1".
12Washer60232011/4" plain.
13Gear Lever Locating Washer0656461Behind circlip on primary cover.
14Primary Chain0603661Triplex 92 link endless.
15/16Rear Chain (Elite)06544115/8" x 3/8", 100 links.
18Outrigger Plate0647081Holds alternator.
19Crankcase Dowel0676211To locate timing cover.
20Outrigger Plate Stud0646884Holds stator housing.
21Stator Stud Nut Locktab0647284
22Nut14040245/16" UNF thin.
23Alternator Stator (Lucas)472391RM23, 2 leads, single phase, 16 amp.
24Stator Fixing Stud0647163
25Stator Stud Washer60232135/16" plain.
26Stator Stud Nut06070035/16" UNF.
27Alternator Wire Grommet0609031
28Alternator Rotor (Lucas)542022991RM20, 6 pole, with welded 0.752" centre.
29Alternator Rotor Key0657181Woodruff key.
30Alternator Rotor Nut Washer0678941Locking.
31Alternator Rotor Nut0646801Fits on rotor.
32Engine Sprocket064681126 tooth, electric start.
33Engine Sprocket Key0675951Woodruff.
34Circlip0660501Behind gear lever.