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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Basic Electrical Equipment
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Basic Electric Equipment
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1High Tension Lead (Boyer)0622632Copper core, sold by the half metre.
2Ignition Coil (Lucas)99057626 volt, small type, best for Boyer.
3Clip9911512For 6v and 12v ignition coils, BZP plated.
4Bolt14010381/4" UNF x 3/4" long.
5Washer60232091/4" plain.
6Bolt06795023/16" x 1/2" long.
7Spark Plug0623482Champion spark plug N7YC.
8Spark Plug Cap, No Resistor0322212Rubber, waterproof type, no resistor.
8Spark Plug Cap, With Resistor0322212NGK resistor type, use with Boyer ignition.
9Coil Cluster Bracket0625771U-shaped, complete with captive nuts.
10Reflector, Amber9911612Diameter 2-1/4". Fits on coil housing.
12Washer06780223/16" serrated.
13Reflector Nut06751623/16".
14Washer01499923/16", behind reflector, large diameter.
15Main Wiring Harness (Lucas)0663961Cloth braided.
16Grommet0194901By oil tank, 13/16" x 1".
17Ignition Harness (Lucas)0662421Cloth braided.
18Spring Clip0661396Not available.
19Plug & Socket0626661Black plastic RS.
20Screw0627222Power point for plastic type.
21Accessory Socket Terminal0630411For plastic type.
22Insulating Washer0630251For plastic type.
23Ballast Resistor0620981Ceramic type - yes, it does get hot!
24Rectifier49072135 amp, suits 6 or 12 volt, single phase.
24Rectifier (Boyer)49072125 amp, suits 6 or 12 volt, single phase.
24Rectifier (Lucas)490721Suits 6 or 12 volt, single phase.
25Rectifier Bracket0649741
27Capacitor 2MC9907371Replacement for Lucas 2MC.
27Capacitor (Boyer)990737B1Boyer, 6800uF, 25 volt.
28Capacitor Spring (Lucas)0616281For 2MC capacitor
29Warning Light Control Unit0663931UK type with headlight off.
30Headlight Operating Unit0663921For Canada only. Not available.
31Bolt06780423/16" UNF x 1/2" long.
32Nut06779723/16" UNF.
33Washer60239123/16" serrated.
34Points Condenser (Lucas)9910432For 6CA contacts, 3/4" long.
35Points Condenser Pack Base Plate (Lucas)9911601
36Nut06779723/16" UNF.
37Zener Diode (Lucas)9905902Positive earth, for charge control.
38Washer01530651/4" serrated.
39Nut14030131/4" UNF plain.
40Horn0320101Wipac type, 12 volt, large type.
41Horn Bolt14010521/4" UNF x 1" long.
42Washer60232021/4" plain.
43Points Cover Grommet0340721
44Front Brake Harness (Lucas)0660331
-Glass Fuse Holder-ARScrew type, suits 25 and 30 mm glass fuses.