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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Carburettor Mountings
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Carburettor Mountings, Air Box & Fuel Line
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Carburettor Heat Insulator063458232mm, 1.6mm thick.
2Inlet Manifold062711232mm, curved.
3Carburettor Stud0605774Carburettor to inner manifold.
4Carburettor Stud Nut14030245/16" UNF.
5Carburettor Stud Washer60241845/16" spring washer.
6Carburettor Fixing Screw06253645/16" Whitworth x 1" long socket screw.
7Carburettor Fixing Screw Washer1179645/16" plain, small OD, thin.
8Inlet Manifold Balance Pipe Hose0653162
9Air Filter Adaptor Sleeve0330272Carburettor to gaiter.
10Fuel Line Assembly0651922Complete, cross over type.
11Airbox0663221Not available.
12Venturi Intake Air Hose0648392For plastic filter.
13Air Filter Element0645361Foam type, ethanol proof.
14Airbox Cover Plate0641331Not available.
15Airbox Front Cover Seal0641741
16Bolt06067733/16" UNF x 1/2" long.
17Washer0678023Serrated 3/16".
18Carburettor to Air Filter Gaiter0641802For plastic filter.
19Side Panel Fastener Receptacle0640661