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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Console & Headlight
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Console & Headlights
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Headlight, USA0661421Not available - use plate 2.
2Headlight, UK (Lucas)541150617" chrome, with 3 grommet holes.
3Headlight, Continental0661411Not available - use plate 2.
4Headlight, Hi-Rider USA0663621Not available.
5Main Bulb (Lucas)991214112 volt, 50/40 watt.
6Main Bulbholder5546021For a standard headlight bulb.
7Light Unit, BPF (Lucas)99124917" BPF bulb with pilot aperture.
8Main Bulb, Quartz Halogen (Lucas)4631Quartz halogen, for 7" light.
9Main Bulb Adaptor0680331Quartz halogen bulb.
10Light Unit, Quartz Halogen (Lucas)06805217" with pilot aperture, right hand drive.
11Main Bulb, Continental0680221Not available.
12Light Unit, Continental0680531Not available.
13Headlight Rim (Lucas)99069217" chrome. All except Hi-Rider.
14Headlight Rim, Hi-Rider9906911Not available.
15Light Unit, Hi-Rider99121215-3/4", BPF bulb with pilot aperture.
16Reflector Fixing Wire9906836
17/18Headlight Rim Fixing Screw & Clamp991189A1
19Headlight Shell Wiring Grommet0680422
20Pilot Bulb (Lucas)9905481Bayonet type, BA9S, 12 volt, 5 watt.
21Pilot Bulbholder99121316 volt or 12 volt.
22Pilot Bulbholder Ring0681901Not available.
23Flasher Unit (Lucas)991201112 volt.
24Headlight Bolt99115727/16" UNF x 1-1/4" long.
25Light Fixing Washer14308627/16" washer.
26Headlight Bolt Spacer0665472Chrome plated, for 7" headlight.
27Headlight Mounting Spacer0665712For Hi-Rider. Not available.
28Headlight Mounting Ring0658392Not available.
29Headlight Mounting Spring0659396For cafe racer model. Not available.
30Washer06810812For cafe racer model. Not available.
31Stiff Nut0660476For cafe racer model. Not available.
32Warning Light Console0657191Bare.
33Ignition/Lighting Switch, with Lock12101514 position, with lock and keys.
34Ignition/Lighting Switch (Lucas)06639514 position, no lock and keys.
35Ignition Lock & Key (Lucas)0330441For Lucas switch body.
36Switch Cover-1Not available separately.
37Warning Light, Amber0664081Original type, for 9mm hole.
37Warning Light, Amber0503051Replacement, with built in bulb.
38Warning Light, Green0664091Original type, for 9mm hole.
38Warning Light, Green0503061Replacement, with built in bulb.
39Warning Light, Blue0664101Original type, for 9mm hole.
39Warning Light, Blue0503041Replacement, with built in bulb.
40Warning Light, Red0664111Original type, for 9mm hole.
40Warning Light, Red0503031Replacement, with built in bulb.
-Warning Light Bulb066431ARWithout terminal socket.
41Ignition Switch Top Cover6043351With key slot.
42Washer60232021/4" plain.
43Console Decal0657221Electric start, around ignition switch.
44Console Stud0665412To hold 065719 console.
45Console Nut14030121/4" UNF.
46Headlight Harness (Lucas)0664381Cloth braided.
-Warning Light Clip0666774Not available.
-3 Way Dipper Switch-1Operates high/low beam, horn and kill switch.