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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Controls & Cables
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Controls and Control Cables
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Junction Box, Throttle & Choke (Amal)244/10422 into 1.
2Choke Cable, Control End0665651First part, lever to junction box.
3Choke Cable, Carburettor End0660852Second half, junction box to carburettor.
4Throttle Cable, Carburettor End0660842Second half, junction box to carburettor, 11".
5Throttle Cable, Twistgrip End, USA0663411For USA style handlebars, first half, length 26".
5AThrottle Cable, Twistgrip End, Europe0667141For European bars. First half, twistgrip to junction box, screws in.
5BThrottle Cable, Twistgrip End, Hi Rider0663451First half, twistgrip to junction box. Not available.
-Throttle Cable, Single600746ARSuits single concentric carburettor conversion.
6Clutch Cable, Western0664771Standard bars, for chrome levers, 51".
6Clutch Cable, USA062813L15" longer, to suit higher US bars, 56".
6AClutch Cable, Europe066476151" inner length, 45" outer length.
7Clutch Cable, Hi-Rider0664781No adjustment at gearbox, 65" inner.
8Twistgrip Rotor0662511Rotor only.
9Twistgrip Spring0660081Not available.
10Twistgrip Nut0660101Twistgrip friction adjuster nut. Not available.
11Switch Cluster, LH0659301Not available.
12Switch Cluster, RH0659291Not available.
13Clutch Lever0658781Semi dog leg, complete with 065877 spacer.
14Clutch Lever Bush-1Not available separately.
15Clutch Lever Pivot Screw0622351Special.
16Pivot Bolt Locknut14040111/4" UNF thin.
17Clutch & Brake Cable Adjuster062027124 TPI, late type.
18Clutch & Brake Cable Adjuster Nut062237124 TPI, late type.
19Switch Cluster Screw0624884
20Screw, Long0680744Master cylinder to right hand switch.
21Switch Screw Washer06810783/16" spring washer.
22Choke Lever, Complete0625351Includes plates 23-29. Fits 7/8" bars.
23Choke Lever Body0679791Top part. Not sold separately.
24Choke Lever Cap0679761Has the word "choke" cast in by Amal.
25Choke Lever0679741Not available.
26Choke Lever Spring Washer (Amal)0679731Disc type, for tension.
27Pivot Screw0679771Not available.
28Choke Lever Clip9902301Not available.
29Screw (Amal)11/0142
36Cable Tie, 4"06282844" long, plastic.
37Cable Tie, 8"06282998" long, plastic.
38Cable Tie, 14"062830114" long, plastic.