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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Oil Tank, Pipework, Filter
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Oil Tank & Fittings, Lines, Cartridge Filter
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Oil Tank0634561Black.
2Oil Tank Mounting Rubber0606362At top.
3Washer60232041/4" plain.
4Nut14030141/4" UNF plain.
5Oil Tank Rubber Grommet0608111Bottom, in battery tray.
6Bolt14010511/4" UNF x 1" long.
7Oil Tank Rubber Grommet Spacer0616501Fits inside 060811 oil tank rubber grommet.
8Washer60232021/4" plain.
9Oil Tank Cap0655091Push and turn, complete with dipstick, long type.
10Oil Tank Drain Plug06066813/8 UNF.
11Washer06262413/8", copper sealing, fits oil tank drain plug.
12Oil Tank Filter06115913" long.
13Oil Tank Filter Washer0420652
14Oil Pipe Junction Block0641341
15Oil Feed Pipe062200117" high pressure.
16Oil Return Pipe065393110", to filter.
17Oil Return Pipe063144112" (304 mm) high pressure.
18Jubilee Oil Pipe Clip0632482.
19Oil Junction Block Gasket0320441Rear of case.
20Oil Junction Block Bolt06276315/16" Whitworth x 1".
21Banjo, Oil Tank to Pipe0622071Fits 061159 oil tank filter.
22Oil Feed Pipe Clip0616771Holds feed pipe.
23Oil Pipe Protection Spring0633672
24Filter Clip0633691To stop filter unscrewing.
25Oil Filter Mounting Head0631391Fits 063371 oil filter.
26Oil Filter Tab Washer0631421For filter mounting fixing bolts.
27Bolt14011425/16" UNF x 3/4" long.
28Oil Filter0633711Cartridge type.
29Oil Filter Retainer Tab0633681To hold 063369 pipe clamp.
30Battery Strip Rubber06396117" long, sticks to oil tank.
31Breather Pipe Clip0633701Fits 062619 breather pipe.
31Breather Pipe Clip, SS063370SS1Fits 062619 breather pipe, stainless steel.
32Breather Pipe0655711Breather separator to oil tank.
33Breather Hose Clip0655691Not available.
34Oil Separator Body0654961Not available.
35Metal Tube0655701Curved metal tube.
36Metal Tube Breather0654951Not available.
37Metal Tube0654971Curved metal tube, to airbox.
39Breather Pipe0654991Oil separator to balance tube, 3/16" x 15" long.
40T-Piece0653151On breather system.
41Breather Tube0626191Rubber, plain, from crankcase.