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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Rear Wheel
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Rear Wheel
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Rim & Hub Assembly0661281Not available.
2Cush Rear Wheel Hub0661271Not available.
3Wheel Rim0661191WM2x19x40.
4-7Spoke & Nipple Set--1Stainless steel.
4Spoke, RH06611720Not available separately.
5Inner Spoke, LH06611610Not available separately.
6Outer Spoke, LH06611510Not available separately.
7Spoke Nipple06320720Not available separately.
8Bearing Sleeve0655501
9Wheel Bearing06554116204 2RS.
10Wheel Bearing, RH06554216203 2RS, sealed, single row.
-Rear Wheel Bearing Kit065541K1Includes bearings 065541, 065542 and 067688.
11Sprocket Bearing Spacer0655471
12Nut14030255/16" UNF plain.
13Washer60242855/16" spring washer.
14Disc Retaining Stud0619605
15Disc0618851Bare, 10.7".
16Rear Wheel Drive Centre0662321Not available.
17Rear Wheel Back Plate0648101Behind cush.
18Rear Wheel Lockring0655481
19Cush Drive Block0648125Small/thin.
20Cush Drive Block0648115Large/thick.
21Rear Wheel Oil Seal0655571Right hand side.
22Rear Wheel Sprocket066011142 teeth.
23Ball Bearing0676881Twin row, sealed.
13Bearing Circlip0620901
25Rear Wheel Oil Seal0655621Left hand side.
26Rear Wheel Axle Stub065552118 TPI.
27Rear Wheel Spindle Washer0659842
28Rear Wheel Spindle Nut1413061Self locking.
29Rear Wheel Spindle065553118 TPI.
30Oil Seal Sleeve0655451Right hand side.
31Speedometer Gearbox065540115:12 ratio (1.25:1).
32Washer0655491Large washer on outside speedo drive.
33Balance Weight, 10 grammes064616AR
33Balance Weight, 15 grammes064617AR
34Balance Weight, 20 grammes064618AR
34Balance Weight, 25 grammes064619AR
35Wheel Security Bolt0680901