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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Support Plates, Rider Footpegs, Rear Brake Pedal
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Support Plates, Rider Footpegs, Rear Brake Pedal & Linkage
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Footpeg Mounting Plate, RH0660761Right hand.
2Footpeg Mounting Plate, LH0659611For chrome hanger. Not available.
3Footpeg Support Nut14030343/8" UNF.
4Footpeg Support Washer00000821/2" plain.
5Footpeg Plate Spacer06047143/8" bore.
6Footpeg Plate Spacer06047221/2" bore.
7Footpeg Mounting Plate Bolt06085843/8" UNF x 2" long.
8Self Locking Nut14130521/2" UNF Nyloc.
9Washer602321115/16" plain
10Footpeg, RH0662631Right hand.
11Footpeg, LH0651861Left hand.
12Front Footpeg0654072Tapered type.
13Front Footpeg Nut, RH06577417/16" UNF Nyloc.
13AFront Footpeg Nut, LH14030417/16" UNF.
14Front Footpeg Rubber0677602Round type.
15Footpeg Mounting Bolt, RH14622235/16" Whitworth x 2-1/4".
16Footpeg Mounting Stud, LH06338325/16" stud. Nut is 140302.
17Footpeg Mounting Bolt, LH06124615/16" Whitworth x 1-1/2".
18Footpeg Mounting Nut, LH06124715/16" Whitworth plain.
19Footpeg Screw06033325/16" UNF x 1" socket screw. Master cylinder to footpeg.
20Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring0657731
21Rear Brake Pedal0657771
22Brake Pedal Retaining Grease Nipple06048111/4" UNF.
23Rear Brake Clevis Pin0657811
24Rear Master Cylinder Clevis0662651
25Brake Pedal Safety Clip0657821
26Locknut14040215/16" UNF thin.
27Nut14030215/16" UNF plain.
28Washer602322113/8" plain.
29Footrest Spacer0657701Right hand side, triangular.