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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Toolkit & Sump Guard
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Tool Kit, Skid Plate
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Toolkit, Complete1210121Not available.
2Toolkit Bag0172531Not available.
3Camshaft Oil Seal Guide0613591For fitting timing cover. Not available.
4Box Spanner0640191Not available.
5Screwdriver0625511Not available.
6Lever0657512Not available.
7Rear Suspension Spanner0640181Also fits tappets.
8Ring/Open Ended Spanner0640201Not available.
9Open Ended Spanner060823111/16" x 3/4" AF, open ended. Not available.
10Gauge0243651Not available.
11Spanner01705213/16" x 1/4", open ended. Not available.
12Spanner06082219/16" x 5/8", open ended. Not available.
13Spanner06082117/16" x 1/2", open ended. Not available.
14Allen Key06454817/32" across flats, fits 5/16" screws. Not available.
15Tool Tray0656161
16Chainspray0662261Not available.
17Sump Guard062401ARSkid plate. Black painted.
18Sump Guard Clip062404ARFits 062401 skid plate.
19Bolt140113AR5/16" UNF x 5/8" long.
20Washer602321AR5/16" plain.
21Nut140302AR5/16" UNF plain.
22Front Number Plate011835ARNot available.
23Stanchion011836ARNot available.
24Beading067720ARNot available.
25Washer067577ARFlat 1/4"
27Washer6023202Flat 1/4"
28Nut00000511/4" CEI.