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1975 Norton Commando Mk3 Valve Gear
1975 Norton Commando 850 Mk3 Valve Gear
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Exhaust Valve Guide, Standard (Hepolite)0650242Standard size, 850.
1Exhaust Valve Guide, 0.00206502520.002 oversize, for 850 and RH6S head.
1Exhaust Valve Guide, 0.01506502620.015 oversize, for 850 and RH6S head.
2Inlet Valve Guide, Standard0650272Standard size, for 850 and RH6S head.
2Inlet Valve Guide, 0.00206502820.002 oversize, for 850 and RH6S head.
2Inlet Valve Guide, 0.01506502920.015 oversize, for 850 and RH6S head.
3Valve Guide Circlip0111114To fit 850 RH6S head.
4Exhaust Valve, Standard (Hepolite)0651152Head 1.302, stem 0.3115, length 4.020.
5Inlet Valve, Standard (Hepolite)0640342Head 1.490, stem 0.3115, length 4.069.
-Valves & Guides Kit06403481Includes inlet and exhaust valves, valve guides, seals and circlips.
6Valve Spring Seat0613994
7Valve Spring Heat Insulating Washer0678454Under cup, 1.5 mm thick.
8Inlet Valve Guide Oil Seal06272625/16" stem valve.
9/10Valve Spring Set0670701Includes 4 inner and outer valve springs.
11Valve Spring Collar, Top0675064Steel.
12Valve Collets0675074
13Inlet Pushrod0679402Long, approx 8.15" long.
14Exhaust Pushrod0679412Short, approx 7.3" long.
15Cam Followers0678202Supplied as a matched pair.
16Cam Follower Locating Plate0630922Short.
17Cam Follower Locating Plate Screw0675604
18Rocker, LH Inlet0624731Without adjuster and nut.
19Rocker, RH Inlet0624711Without adjuster and nut.
20Rocker, LH Exhaust0624741Without adjuster and nut.
21Rocker, RH Exhaust0624721Without adjuster and nut.
22Rocker Adjuster0675464Socket type, use 1/8" Allen key.
23Rocker Adjuster Nut0675084
24Rocker Spindle0679244Plain type, high pressure system.
25Rocker Thrust Washer0676974Fits outside rocker.
26Rocker Spindle Washer0676984Fits inside rocker, Thackery.
27Rocker Spindle Plate Gasket0675804Outer.
28Rocker Spindle Plate Gasket0675504Inner.
29Rocker Spindle Plate0675794Outer, plain, thicker.
30Rocker Spindle Lock Plate0675784Inner, with tabs, thicker and stronger.
31Rocker Spindle Retaining Bolt06312481/4" Whitworth x 5/8" long.
32Rocker Spindle Cover Washer06312981/4" copper.
-Rockers and Shafts Kit06247141Includes adjuster ball ends and shims.