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Norton Commando Bolts & Screws Kits
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
-Allen Screw Kit SS UNC--UNC/BSF, stainless steel.
-Crankshaft Studs & Nuts Kit--Stronger than bolts, pre Mk3.
-Crankshaft Studs & Nuts Kit, Mk3--Stronger than bolts, Mk3.
-Engine to Plates Bolts Kit SS--Stainless steel.
-Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, Front--Includes bolt, nuts and washers.
-Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, Front SS--Includes stainless steel bolt, nuts and washers.
-Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, Rear--Includes stud, nuts and washers.
-Isolastic Centre Bolt Kit, Rear SS--Includes stainless steel stud, nuts and washers.
-Shock Absorber Top Bolt Kit SS--Stainless steel.
-Z Plate Mounting Bolt Kit--Includes bolts, nuts and washers.
-Z Plate Mounting Bolt Kit SS--Includes stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers.