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Centre Stand, Commando 1971-75

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Centre stand, powder coated black.

This stand fits to the gearbox cradle, and is the later stronger type with the full length support stays as used on the 850 models. It fits all Commandos which have the stand fitted to the gearbox cradle, which is most. Only the very early ones had the stand fitted to the frame.

Please note that all bikes use the same 7/16″ bolts, but there are different spacers used:

061999 has a 5/8″ outside diameter and is not used with this stand. Only an earlier version of this stand with a smaller pivot hole uses this spacer.

064873 is a plain spacer that fits this stand and was used with the early gearbox cradle where the hole in the cradle was 7/16″.

064057 is a double diameter spacer, with the larger diameter to suit the stand, and the smaller diameter (9/16″) to go into the gearbox cradle and take the wear. Ideally, even if you had the earlier cradle you would open up the hole to 9/16″ and use this spacer, as it’s a slightly more stable and hard wearing design. However, if you do not want to trouble the cradle, then use spacer 064873.

Fits Norton Commando (1971 on).

Made in England.

064031, 063051, 062192