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Front Brake Shoes, 8″ SLS Full Width Hub, Triumph BSA

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Pair of brake shoes, 8″ single leading shoe, full width hub, non flanged.

Shoe width:  1-1/8″

Triumph T100 (1958-62)
Triumph T110 (1958-61)
Triumph T120, TR6 (1959-65)
Triumph 6T (1961-65)
BSA A65 (approx 1958-65)

These brake shoes are the fully floating type that was introduced by Triumph from the 1961 model year. They were claimed to give a 25% increase in braking performance, with better initial “bite” over the fixed type. They are fully retro-fittable to earlier models with the 8″ full width drum from 1958 without any modifications. They are supplied by LF Harris as OE replacements.

371410, 371411, 371337, 371338, 685524, 685525, W1410, W1411, W1337, W1338