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Ignition Kit, Triumph/BSA Single 12V (Boyer)

$275.00 In-Stock

Boyer Bransden Micro MarkIV ignition kit designed to work with standard coils. No more points to mess with!

Suitable for Triumph and BSA singles with side mounted points/12 volt models.

The Micro MKIV is a contactless ignition system utilising an advanced and patented trigger switching system and featuring electronic, advance and retard. Engines function best with a retarded spark for starting and low revs, but need ignition advance to run at high speed. The Micro MKIV’s analogue system simply advances the spark at a set rate from fully retarded to maximum advance, as engine speed rises from zero to 4,000 revs. Thus eliminating the inaccuracy of mechanical advance/ retard units. All units are guaranteed for five years.