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Mainshaft, Commando

$279.00 In-Stock

Gearbox mainshaft, 9-7/16″ long.

This shaft is suitable for all Norton Commandos, or in fact, any AMC gearbox that uses the Commando type clutch. The main difference on this shaft compared to other AMC shafts is that the Commando alone located the clutch with a small circlip and spacer, hence the groove visible at the end of the clutch location spline. All the Pre-Commando clutches had a closed portion at the end of the three legged spider, and the clutch was located by this closed portion, butting up to the end of the spline. This design did not hold the clutch perpendicular to the shaft, and did not allow for any chain alignment and adjustment. Commando uses shims as required, and the location boss in the end of the spider would slowly wear out, allowing the clutch to move ever further up the shaft. Pre AMC gearbox mainshafts can be identified by the lack of the inner end screw thread, and the pre-AMC shaft floated thrust being controlled by the splined thrust washer.

Fits Norton Commando.

Made in England.