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Spokes Set, 8″ Full Width WM2, S/Steel, BSA/Triumph

$97.00 In-Stock

Polished stainless steel spokes and nipples set (40).

BSA A50, A10, A65 – WM2X18
Triumph 3TA/T21/T90 – WM2X18
Triumph 5T/T100 Pre Unit – WM2X19
Triumph T100SS/T100R/T100C – WM2X19
Triumph 6T /T110/T120 Pre Unit – WM2X19
Triumph T120/TR6 Unit USA (1963-66) – WM2X19

Fitment: Front and rear
Hub type: Full width cast iron 8″
Rim size: WM2X18 and WM2X19
Spoke length: 5-5/8″

Please note: These spokes are all straight.