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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Battery Carrier & Air Filter
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Battery Carrier & Air Filter
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Battery Carrier, 6T8259481Not available.
2Retainer Strap, 6T82612914Not available.
3Bolt, 6T82136911/4 CEI x 5/8.
4Rubber Pad, 6T8234703Not available.
5Battery, 6TMKZ9E2Not available.
6Battery with Lid, TR6/T120MKZ9E1Not available.
7Plastic Vent Pipe8248141Not available. (2 for 6T)
8Battery Carrier, TR6/T1208253331
9Top Strap, TR6/T1208246611
10Packing Rubber, TR6/T1208246621
11Screw, TR6/T12070320011/4 BSF x 11/16 long.
12Screw7037281(2 for 6T)
13BoltDS5731/4 CEI x 7/16 long.
14WasherS25-111/4 thick. (2 for 6T)
15Nut82087951/4 CEI. (6 for 6T)
16WasherS25-1321/4. (3 for 6T)
17Rectifier Bracket8242831
18Tool Tray8256651Not available.
19Inflator Bracket8254141Not available.
20Bolt82136911/4 CEI x 5/8.
21Adaptor Ring, 6T8245761Not available.
21Adaptor Ring, TR68259581
22Clip, 6T8256261Not available.
22Clip, TR68260741
23Air Filter, 6T8264331Not available.
23Air Filter, TR68264321
24Air Filter Element8256941Paper.
24Air Filter Element8268661Gauze.
25Water Deflector, TR68249641Not available.