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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Chaincase & Chains
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Chaincase & Chains
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Primary Chain Oiler Tube7047041
2Primary Chain Oiler Tube Clip7047051
3Spring Washer60425011/4".
4BoltDS5721/4" CEI x 7/16" long.
5Rear Chain (Elite)60048115/8" x 3/8", 107 links.
6Sprocket Cover Gasket7114191
7Sprocket Cover Plate7045771
8Sprocket Cover Plate Oil Seal7045781Gearbox mainshaft to clutch backplate.
9Sprocket Cover Plate Screw70382165/16" long, countersunk.
10Primary Chain Tensioner Abutment7041471
11Primary Chain Tensioner Blade7060611
12Tensioner Blade Tie Rod7041521
13Primary Chain Tensioner Trunnion7059771
14Tensioner Adjuster Sleeve Nut7097031
15Primary Chain60047713/8" Duplex, 84 links.
16Alternator Stator Stud, Long7045362
17Alternator Stator Stud, Short7045371
18Stator (Lucas)472051RM21, 2 lead, single phase, 10 amp.
19Alternator Lead Sleeve Nut7047721Not available.
20Rubber Grommet7041441Inner alternator grommet.
21Plastic Sleeve7054491
22Washer60424735/16" flat.
23Self Locking Nut70532435/16" CEI.
24Chaincase Gasket7170091
25Chaincase Cover5717271
26Copper Washer70244111/4" copper.
27Drain & Adjuster Plug7049221
28Primary Plug Washer5717381Fibre.
29Filler Plug5721661
30Filler Plug O-Ring7087821
31Chaincase Cover Screw70480625/16" CEI x 29/32" long.
32Chaincase Cover Screw70320461/4" CEI x 1" long.
33Domed Nut97153125/16" CEI.
34Copper Washer82188025/16".