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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Control Cables & US Handlebars
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T control cables & US handlebars
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Clutch Cable600466147"
2Ferrule6001032Not available separately.
3Nipple6003681Not available separately.
4NippleDS731Not available separately.
5Front Brake Cable600436136"
6Ferrule6001032Not available separately.
7Nipple6003681Not available separately.
8Fork End3705931Not available separately.
9Clevis Pin60425211/4 x 7/16.
10Split Pin-11/16 x 5/8.
11Clip, 6T9711711Not available.
12Screw, 6T82471512BA x 1/2.
13Serrated Washer, 6T60425613/16.
14Nut, 6T97074512BA thin.
15Throttle Cable, 6T600495140" with mid adjuster.
15Throttle Cable, TR6600519139".
16Throttle Cable, T1206004991Complete - use plates 17-19.
17Throttle Cable, Twistgrip End, T120600500123".
18Junction Block, T120244/10412 way.
19Throttle Cable, Carburettor End, T120600423211".
20Ferrule600101--Not available separately. (10 for T120)
21Nipple6000831Not available separately.
22NippleNS1911Not available separately. (5 for T120)
23Cable Adjuster6001041Not available separately. (3 for T120)
24Choke Cable, 6T/TR6600435135".
25American Handlebar, 6T9716941Not available.
25American Handlebar, TR6/T120971511--
26Twin Rotor Twistgrip, T120313/61
27Throttle Cable, T120600528241", dual twistgrip.
28Rubber Buffer9715802
30Cupped Washer8238142
31Solid Bush9716164For handlebar mounted windscreen.