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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Cylinder Block & Head, TR6 & 6T
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Cylinder Block & Head TR6 & 6T
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Cylinder Base Gasket7063091
2Cylinder Barrell70630419 Stud.
3Inner Cylinder Base Nut70241243/8" CEI.
4Outer Cylinder Base Nut99004743/8" CEI.
5Tappet Guide Block7014772
6Tappet Guide Block Bolt9702002
7Serrated Washer70161221/4" shakeproof.
8Cam Follower7030594
9Cylinder Head7045521Complete with guides. Not available.
10Inlet Valve Guide7028992Standard.
10Inlet Valve Guide, 002702899/22Oversize +002.
10Inlet Valve Guide, 004702899/42Oversize +004.
10Inlet Valve Guide, 005702899/52Oversize +005.
10Inlet Valve Guide, 006702899/62Oversize +006.
10Inlet Valve Guide, 015702899/152Oversize +015.
11Exhaust Valve Guide7029002Standard.
11Exhaust Valve Guide, 002702900/22Oversize +002.
11Exhaust Valve Guide, 004702900/42Oversize +004.
11Exhaust Valve Guide, 006702900/62Oversize +006.
12Exhaust Stub7095162Screw-in.
13Inlet Valve7033102
14Exhaust Valve7039272
15Valve Spring Bottom Collar7015444
16/17Valve Spring Set7042214
18Valve Spring Top Collar7015434
19Valve Split Cotter7137488
20Cylinder Head Bolt70032743/8" CEI x 3-5/16", domed head.
21Cylinder Head Bolt Washer82218483/8" thick, flat.
22Cylinder Head Bolt70477115/16" CEI x 3", centre.
23Washer60233015/16" flat light.
24Cylinder Head Gasket, Standard70454719 stud, standard 040", 1mm.
24Cylinder Head Gasket, Thick704547/8019 stud, 080", 2mm
25Inlet Rocker Box7045501Not available.
26Exhaust Rocker Box7045511Not available.
27Rocker Box Gasket7093482
28Rocker Box Stud70298061/4" CEI x 15/16".
29Rocker Box Nut82087961/4" CEI.
30Washer70330261/4" flat, plain.
31Rocker Box Washer60424841/4" plain flat, small OD.
32Rocker Box Bolt70298241/4" CEI x 2-1/8".
33Cylinder Head Bolt7015964With torque stay extension.
34Rocker Box Inspection Cap7046104
35Rocker Box Inspection Cap Gasket7037514
36Rocker Box Cap Clip7046094
37Rocker Box Retaining Screw Washer70244141/4" copper.
38Rocker Box Clip Retaining Screw57155341/4" BSF x 3/8" long, cheesehead.
39Rocker, RH Exhaust, LH Inlet7014572Right hand exhaust, left hand inlet.
40Rocker, LH Exhaust, RH Inlet7014582Left hand exhaust, right hand inlet.
41Rocker Ball Pin7014834
42Tappet Adjuster7015134CEI thread.
43Tappet Adjuster Lock Nut7004704
44Rocker Spindle Thrust Washer70133023/8".
45Rocker Spindle Thrust Washer70157561/2".
46Rocker Spindle Washer7015744Thackery spring washer.
47Rocker Spindle7015122CEI thread.
48Rocker Spindle O-Ring6035482
49Engine Pushrod7026204
50Pushrod Cover Tube, Chrome7036462Chrome plated.
50Pushrod Cover Tube, Alloy7036462Billet alloy.
51Bottom Pushrod Tube O-Ring7014962White Nitrile.
52Top Pushrod Tube O-Ring7035472White Nitrile.