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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Engine Unit Fittings & Footrests
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Engine Unit Fittings & Footrests
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Stud82546917/16" CEI x 3-5/8" long.
2Spring Washer60425147/16".
3Nut--27/16" CEI half nut.
4Stud82649817/16" CEI x 8" long.
5Bottom Engine Mount Spacer8255322
6Rear Engine Plate, LH8260661
7Rear Engine Plate, RH8259081
8Engine Plate Bolt70416525/16" CEI x 1-3/4" long.
9Engine Plate Bolt825316--5/16" CEI x 2" long.
10WasherS25-345/16" flat.
11Spring WasherS26-365/16".
12NutS1-5115/16" CEI.
13Footrest, LH8260691
14Footrest, RH8296241
15Footrest Stud82594221/2" UNF x 1-5/8" long. Not sold separately.
15/17Footrest Stud & Nut Kit825942K1Includes 2 studs and 2 nuts.
16WasherS25-1321/4" plain.
17Footrest Stud NutS4-1321/2" x 20 CEI. Not sold separately.
18Footrest Peg8259434
19Rear Engine Plate Stud8253512Not available. (6T only)
20Brake Pedal Stud70311427/16" CEI x 1-3/8" long. (Not 6T)
21Bolt9702111For T120/TR6. Not available.
21Bolt97042613/8" CEI x 3/4" long. (2 for 6T)
22Bolt8217602Not available.
23Spring WasherS26-183/8".
24NutS1-5273/8" CEI.
25NutP0172A43/8" CEI. (2 for 6T)
26Engine Torque Stay7047784
27Head Steady Bolt82380515/16" CEI x 1-5/16" long.
28Head Steady Spacer8290921
29Brake Pedal Spindle8256041
30Shakeproof WasherSCZ4515/16".
31NutDS4811/2" CEI x 20 TPI .
32Brake Pedal8252421Not available.
33Spring WasherS26-1611/2" double.
34WasherS25-223/8" flat, light.
35Crankcase Bash Plate8254722(TR6 only)
36Hook Bolt8257882Not available. (TR6 only)
38Nut82087921/4" CEI. (TR6 only)
39Engine Plate Nut82377127/16" CEI flanged.