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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Gearbox Outer Cover
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Gearbox Outer Cover
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Gearbox Outer Cover5719861We can supply a later model.
2Gearchange Outer Spindle Bush5700571
3Kickstarter Spindle Bush5700231
4Kickstarter Spring Anchor Pin5700471
5Guide Plate Stud57045441/4" CEI x 3/4".
6Kickstarter Shaft Oil Seal5719561
7Kickstarter Oil Seal Housing5719551
8Gearchange Quadrant Assembly570408A1
-Gearchange Quadrant Shaft5704081
9Rubber O-Ring6035301
10Gearchange Quadrant Return Spring5704042
11Gearchange Quadrant Plunger57040624 speed.
12Gearchange Plunger Spring5704052
13Gearchange Guide Plate5704071
14Serrated Washer70161241/4" shakeproof.
15Nut82087941/4" CEI plain.
16Kickstarter Quadrant5741171
17Kickstarter Return Spring5700311
18Kickstarter Shaft5747561
19Clutch Lever Assembly5717071
20Clutch Lever5717081Not available separately.
21Clutch Lever Centre Pin5717101Not available separately.
22Clutch Lever Ball6023683Not available separately.
23Clutch Lever Thrust Plate5745891Not available separately.
24Clutch Lever Return Spring5717121
25Clutch Lever Washer70330211/4" thin, hard rolled press steel.
26Clutch Lever Split Pin60270115/64" x 1/2" long.
27Clutch Lever Screw5717132Countersunk, 1/4" CEI x 3/8" long.
28Clutch Release Spoke5717141Not currently available.
29Clutch Cable Locknut5719371CEI thread.
30Clutch Cable Connector5719461
31Clutch Cable Abutment571644118 TPI (early models with no adjuster).
32Clutch Cable Adaptor57164511/4".
33Clutch Cable Rubber Cover5716461
34Washer60424725/16" flat.
35NutS1-5115/16" CEI.
36Clutch Cable Cover Screw70380221/4" CEI x 2-3/4" long.
37Cover Screw70366821/4" CEI x 1-5/16" long.
38Cover Screw70320411/4" CEI x 1" long.
39Gearchange Lever5717501Right hand.
40Bolt14020111/4" UNF x 1" long.
41Gearchange Lever Rubber5704491Embossed with Triumph logo, closed end.
42Folding Kickstarter5770181
43Kickstarter Lever5719391Not sold separately.
44Kickstarter Lever Pedal5712721
45Kickstarter Pedal Locating Spring5711671
46Kickstarter Steel Ball60236411/4" diameter.
47Kickstarter Pedal Pivot Bolt5712731CEI
48Kickstarter Pedal Rubber, Closed End5723301Closed end, embossed with Triumph logo.
48Kickstarter Pedal Rubber, Open End5723301Open ended, embossed with Triumph logo.
50Domed nut.97153115/16" CEI domed.