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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Gearbox Shafts & Gears
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T Gearbox Shafts & Gears
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Mainshaft, Low Gear, 16T570914116 teeth. Not available.
2Clutch Pushrod Bush5739881
3Mainshaft High Gear, 26T571914126 teeth.
4High Gear Bush57137014 speed.
5Mainshaft Third Gear, 24T570917124 teeth. Not available.
6Mainshaft Second Gear, 20T570916120 teeth.
7Layshaft Low Gear, 30T570926130 teeth.
8Low Gear Bush57092814 Speed.
9Layshaft Second Gear, 26T571065126 teeth.
10Layshaft Third Gear, 22T570930122 teeth.
11Layshaft, High Gear, 20T571843120 teeth.
12Speedometer Drive Pinion, 10T571744110 teeth, solo. Not available.
12Speedometer Drive Pinion, 9T571747AR9 teeth, sidecar. Not available.
13Drive Pinion Securing Pin5709251Not available.
14Speedometer Drive Gear, 15T571745115 teeth, solo. Not available.
14Speedometer Drive Gear, 15T571748AR15 teeth, sidecar. Not available.
15Speedo Drive Thrust Washer5708251Not available.
16Speedometer Drive Bush5709331
17Speedo Drive Sealing Ring5709481
18High Gear Bearing6035561
19High Gear Bearing Circlip7004891
20High Gear Oil Seal5709461
21Gearbox Sprocket, 20T571919120 teeth.
21Gearbox Sprocket, 19T571918119 teeth.
21Gearbox Sprocket, 18T571917118 teeth.
21Gearbox Sprocket, 17T571916117 teeth.
22Gearbox Sprocket Nut5704401
23Mainshaft Bearing6035521
24Gearbox Circlip5702801
25Kickstarter Ratchet Pinion Sleeve5719631
26Kickstarter Ratchet Pinion Spring5712501
27Kickstarter Ratchet Pinion5707301
28Kickstarter Ratchet5707311
29Kickstarter Tab Washer5722401
30Gearbox Mainshaft NutNT2971CEI thread.
31Clutch Pushrod5717361