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1964 Triumph 650 Twins Headlight, Wiring Harness, Horn, Rectifier
1964 Triumph 650 Twins T120, TR6, 6T headlight, wiring harness, horn, rectifier
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Plate #Part NamePart #Qty FittedDescription
1Headlight Complete, TR6/T1205452077417" with ammeter hole.
2Headlight Rim, TR6/T12055324817".
3Light Unit, TR6/T1202605702217", BPF bulb.
4Headlight Rim Clip, TR6/T1205046656W clip.
5Lens Screw, TR6/T1201449211
6Plate, TR6/T1205342961Not available separately.
5/6Clip & Screw, TR6/T120534296A1
7Bulb, TR6/T120LLB312130/24W BPF 6 volt.
8Main Bulbholder, TR6/T1205546021BPF.
9Bulb, TR6/T12098813W 6 volt.
10Pilot Bulbholder, TR6/T1205547101
11Ammeter, TR6/T120362961Type 2AR.
12Grommet, TR6/T1208622171
13Bolt, TR6/T1201122012
14Washer, TR6/T1201374992Not available.
15Main Wiring Harness, TR6/T120549331821
16Ignition Switch Complete, TR6/T120344271With key, type 88SA.
17Ignition Key, TR6/T120543361761Type 88SA.
18Ignition Switch Cover, TR6/T120543361781
19Lighting Switch, TR6/T120342891Type 88SA.
20Switch Knob, TR6/T120543309341Type 88SA.
21Bracket, TR6/T1208259832Not available.
22Rubber Band, TR6/T1208259882Not available.
23Switch Bezel Plate, TR6/T120543305762For Lucas 41SA switch.
24Lighting Harness Socket, TR6/T120549300071
25Ignition Harness Socket, TR6/T120549300081
26Horn, TR6/T120701631Type 8H, 6 volt.
27Bracket, TR6/T1208250861Not available.
28Screw, TR6/T12057107622BA x 3/8.
29Nut, TR6/T12082379922BA.
30Lucar Connector549420785Not available.
31Insulating Cover541900425Not available.
32Snap Connector Terminal900269ARNot available.
33Single Snap Connector990288AR
34Double Snap Connector850641AR
35Triple Snap Connector850844AR
36Quintuple Snap Connector850832AR
37Rectifier (Lucas)490721Positive earth, 6 volt, single phase.
37Rectifier (Boyer)49072125 amp, single phase.
37Rectifier49072135 amp, single phase.
38Nut82533811/4 CEI.